Your Guide to Moving to a New Home During COVID

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The coronavirus has made everything far more difficult. From picking up your weekly groceries to commuting to the office, life contains many new challenges that simply weren’t a part of our routines just mere months ago.

However, moving home doesn’t have to be a nightmare scenario amid this pandemic. In fact, even with the threat of Covid-19 continuing to lurk around every corner you can still make this year a great one with a move into that perfect new dream home you have been eying up for so long now.

Picking the right location.


Finding a great place to live is a science. It takes a dedicated list of needs and wants in order to narrow down the search from state to county to city to neighborhood. Whether you are considering detached houses or a place in one of the nation’s many apartment communities, finding that perfect location is crucial. In order to do this, you need to realize the nature of space. You cannot tear down a strip mall across the street, or the street for that matter. Likewise, you can’t build a school within walking distance of your new home.

If these are things you want, you will have to buy a home that already includes no major nearby roads and schools within a tight radius. The interior of the home can always be modified. In fact, Americans spend over $400 billion every year on these types of upgrades. What you can’t do is change the surroundings, so start with these requirements and work in order to find a great place that meets all your needs.

Hire Smart


When moving you will need some professional assistance. Venterra Realty is a smart choice for your real estate search. A professional realty company can assist you in your search for these perfect properties that meet all your criteria, wading through an impossibly large number of properties on the market until they find the ones that match what you need exactly. In 2019 there were 6 million homes sales nationwide, meaning a massive volume of different properties, locations, and specifications to search through. A realtor is professionally trained to conduct this search for you, so relying on the help can make your life so much simpler.

Once you have selected the property and are approved for your loan, then the real work begins. Breaking down your current home can take weeks, so starting as soon as you know that the move is really going forward is a great idea. You will also want to enlist professional help. Hiring a moving company is the only way to really streamline this process. They can give you all the boxes, protection materials, and tape that you need to complete the packing process, and then take away all your delicate household belongings securely and safely without any additional assistance from you. Once delivered, you just have to unbox all your items and set them up in your new living space. Moving companies require little physical input from you aside from the packing itself, so you can be sure that anyone entering your home to complete this job will not be in direct contact with the vast majority of your belongings, and they don’t even need to come into contact with you.

Moving can feel like a stressful time, but finding the perfect home and moving in with the help of a professional team of people who do this for a living is the best way to move during this pandemic. Set yourself up for a great start to next year with the stress-relieving help of a professional team to ensure your peace of mind and a fresh new start.

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