5 Tips for New Real Estate Agents

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Entering the real estate business can be daunting. It may often seem that competition is fierce, and standing out from that competition is difficult. To thrive as a new real estate agent, you need to ensure that your messaging and branding are on point. Read on for our five top tips for new real estate agents.

  1. Be helpful

You may think that being a real estate agent is all about sales, sales, sales. However, people generally dislike the feeling of being “sold” something. Think of yourself as an ally to your clients who is there to offer advice, guidance and support. Cultivate active listening skills and be prepared to hear what your clients are saying before speaking. You’re creating value for them. First and foremost you’re there to solve their problems, not sell something to them.

  1. Brand yourself

The more clear and consistent you can be about branding, the better. Your company name and logo should be displayed in all of your communications, on any marketing materials, and in any physical office space that you have. For a budget-friendly option, consider using magnets, vinyl decals, or custom stickers. You can use these for yourself or even hand them out to customers. On open house days, use street decals to point potential customers in the right direction. This is a professional yet fun way to market your business while making the process exciting for your clients.

  1. Keep networking

You might be eager to get into the field and prove yourself. But don’t forget that everyone needs to keep learning. Attend networking events and meet other professionals in this space, particularly seasoned real estate agents who have been doing this for many years. They can help mentor you or, at the very least, offer you advice and insights you would not be able to find elsewhere. Having a stable, robust network not only helps you source clients and make sales, but also guarantees a system of professional and emotional support.

  1. Find ways to be memorable

You want to ensure your clients remember your name. In addition to having a warm, helpful demeanor, find concrete ways for customers to remember who you are. For example, use custom patches with your name and logo on your outfits, matching your brand collateral. These can be applied to your clothing, hat, or backpack to add a professional touch to your work gear and do some marketing for you. They are a creative, unique way to stand out from competitors wearing run-of-the-mill name tags.

Leave clients with a clean, professional business card, and follow up with them regularly to demonstrate your attention to their needs.

  1. Stick to your goals

As a new real estate agent, you might feel like you’re entirely on your own. However, don’t be deterred by a lack of structure. Make a list of concrete goals, which can go beyond sales to include networking, marketing, and budgeting targets. Every day, be sure to track your progress closely and record the steps you took to advance those goals. Keep in mind that your first year will not look like your tenth year. A new real estate agent should be flexible and embrace change over time, adapting goals as necessary as he or she builds experience.

New real estate agents should remember that perseverance is key. You do not need to be the world’s snazziest salesperson to find success in real estate; you do need to be valuable and memorable to customers, and recommit to your plan for success every day.


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