5 Tips on Furnace Installation in Toronto

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You rarely plan your furnace installation ahead. Unless it’s a major renovation project, most likely, you need a new furnace simply because your old one has stopped functioning. Click here to get professional help from one of the most reputable HVAC contractors in Toronto. And when they arrive — feel free to follow these tips to make the process go smoother. Understanding the process will be a great help both for you — and for the furnace installer.

Why You Need a New Furnace

A new furnace will help you save both money and comfort. HVAC systems account for a whopping 30% of home heating costs — that’s why it’s common to consider replacing your furnace every ten years. If your furnace is more than ten years old, chances are you need to install a new one.

Another crucial factor will be the equipment used in your home — most manufacturers recommend replacing old AC units with a new one when it reaches 15 years of use.

Tips on the Installation Process

Furnace installation in Toronto is a rather simple process: you make a call, a specialist arrives at your place, and does all the work. However, if you have zero experience with HVAC services — here’s what you need to know.

No, you can’t do it yourself.

According to the Ontario law, you need certifications and years of experience to legally install a new furnace. The worst case — your furnace will have to be dismantled and removed from the house, so that it can be put back together by properly trained professionals.

You need a permit to work with heating or plumbing in your house because an untrained person can damage the system and leave the whole block with no heat or no water.

Yes, it should come with a warranty

However, this is not a good enough reason to choose one contractor over another. Always check whether the people you work with have positive feedback on the web or ask your friends for their opinions on local furnace installers.

You also need to check whether the company is certified by the Ontario Association of Certified Home Inspectors and that it has a valid certification for air-conditioning installation and maintenance. These certifications will guarantee that you get everything you need from your new HVAC system.

No, asking questions is not considered rude

This is just how furnace installation in Toronto works: a professional does all the work, but you’re still in control. You need to ask your installer all the questions you have concerning the whole process, from choosing a gas or electric system to the most reasonable monthly costs for your new furnace.

It’s absolutely necessary for your current HVAC system to be properly inspected before installing a new one. If you have a problem with an existing unit, this could mean that your new one will not perform well in the future.

Yes, you can save money on installation

All you need to do is to find a good contractor that will not try to make you pay an unfair price. Always ask for a quote when you are dealing with HVAC companies. You can start your search for a contractor in Toronto using the list of Ontario-certified furnace installers or keep in mind that this type of specialist will present you with their business cards and satisfaction guarantees/warranties.

When you call for a quote, make sure that the contractor can get to your place on the same day. Not all companies can send their experts instantly, but clear communication is absolutely crucial.

No, you shouldn’t make money a number one priority here

No good service comes for free, and no high-quality job is done for a cheap price. It doesn’t mean that the price is the only factor, but too many questionable HVAC companies survive on people that put prices first. The golden rule of thumb is to look for balance between the price and the experience.

Here’s a simple test:

Do they have dozens of years of training and expertise? Then they probably can afford lowering the prices a bit: they just know how to do it and don’t need to cover the risks that much.

Did they actually appear on the market out of nowhere a week ago? You can pay no attention to the price tag, it will — most likely — be in the bottom range. Not because they need experience, not because they need to attract customers, it’s not how the HVAC market works. They have a suspiciously low price on furnace installation simply because the company will disappear with the money in a couple of days. Furnace installation in Toronto just can’t be cheap.

The Conclusion

There’s no need to worry: a professional HVAC contractor will not try to cheat you. Keep in mind that a well-performing furnace installation in Toronto is the cheapest way to save money on heat. It all pays off in the long run.



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