7 Ways to Choose the Right Roof Color to Match Your Siding

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You don’t have to stick with the same old roof color when you get a new roof. You have options!

However, not every roof color works well with your siding or trim colors. Before you choose your neighborhood’s new eyesore roof, make sure you know how to choose a roofing color that matches your siding.

Right Roof Color

You don’t need to be a design expert to choose a new roof that compliments the style of your home. Here are seven tips to help you choose the right roof color to impress everyone on the block with your home’s flawless exterior.

  1. Stick to the Basics

Yes, you can find a wide range of colors when choosing new roofing tiles or shingles. However, do you really want a green or purple roof?

Unless you live in a cartoon village, your neighbors will appreciate a more conservative color for your roof. Black, grey, brown, and red work with almost any siding color on your home. Avoid angering your neighbors or lowering the value of your property by sticking to the basics.

Add a splash of color by painting your trim a new color or adding flowers to your front landscaping.

  1. Choose According to Your Roof Style

Some roof styles work better for specific shingle colors than others.

  • Light shingle colors can enhance the visual size of your roof. Use lighter colors to make your small home look a little larger using the roof’s surface area.
  • Darker colors will emphasis sharp edges and add a touch of drama.
  • Neutral colors are the most aesthetically pleasing and the most popular.

Choose a shade range that helps achieve the look you want for your roof while also matching your siding or brick.

  1. Complement, Don’t Match

If “matching” is causing some stress for you, think of it as “complementing” your roof to your siding. You want everything to go together like the perfect outfit. But a well-executed outfit doesn’t match from head to toe.

A red brick house won’t work well with a red roof. Choose dark gray roofing material to play off of your red brick.

  1. Materials Matter

Your new roofing color could depend on the materials you choose for your shingles. Red shingles might not be the best look for your new roof, but red or orange terra cotta clay shingles could be the perfect way to top your house.

A light-colored metal roof can make your home seem brighter. You’ll also match a light shade of metal roofing with plenty of siding options.

Brown or gray shingles can help your home feel inviting and cozy. They’ll go well with tan or light grey siding.

  1. Avoid Trendy

You want your new roof to last a long time. Are you okay with the shingle color you chose for the next twenty years?

Unless the other homes in your area play with trendy, daring house and roof colors, stick with shingle colors that don’t draw too much attention. You want a roof color to work with changes to your exterior siding or paint colors.

Your roof should look nice, but it shouldn’t stand out and catch the wrong kind of attention. It’s a significant investment, even if your insurance covers some of the costs of a new roof.

Put down the magazines and change the channel away from the home renovation shows. Find a roofing specialist to help you choose a new roof color that compliments the look and feel of your home and neighborhood.

  1. Survey the Neighborhood

Take a walk! Try not to be creepy, but it’s okay to walk the streets of your neighborhood and take notes about the combinations of the roof and siding colors to help you with ideas.

If you see consistent color combos on other homes in your neighborhood, that’s an excellent place to start when choosing your new roof color. If any roof colors stand out as out-of-place or too flashy, avoid doing the same thing for your roof and siding combo.

Bonus top: Check with your HOA. Does your HOA have rules about roofing colors? Some HOAs might limit your options for you to keep a consistent look throughout the neighborhood. Consult your neighborhood rules before finalizing your roofing color choice!

  1. Stick With Your Style

What’s the style of your home? Is it Victorian or Colonial? Depending on the style and age of your home, some roofing colors work best to maintain the style integrity of your house.

Don’t think of your home’s style as a limitation to your roofing choices. See it as an opportunity to honor the architectural design of your home.

Victorian and Colonial homes aren’t their best with a terra cotta clay tile or a black metal roof. However, you’ll show off the period-appropriate beauty of your Victorian home with the right siding color and roofing combination.

In the late 1800s, these homes had distinct design characteristics.

  • For siding, choose light or medium grays, white, a colonial yellow, creams, Spanish tans, or slate blue.
  • For roofing, choose medium brown, light green, or a rosy red. A light or medium gray also stays true to the origins of these homes.

Make sure your trim color helps bring the roofing and siding colors together for a complete look.

Choose the Right Roof Color to Impress!

In most cases, your roof color shouldn’t be the first thing a passerby notices about your home. The best roof colors help complete your home’s aesthetics while also protecting your home from wind and rain.

Choose the right roof color to help your home impress your neighbors without distracting from the overall style of your house. When your roof color matches or complements your siding, you’ve made a wise color combination choice.

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