9 Ways to Increase the Value of Land to Make Your Home Worth More

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Want to increase the value of your home?

These are all kinds of home improvement projects that you can take on to do it. By remodeling your kitchen, putting on a new roof, or even just painting a few walls, you can bring your home’s value way up.

You can also increase the value of your home by increasing the value of land surrounding it. If you have a lot of land on your property, there are steps that you can take to give its value a big boost.

Look at nine ways to increase the value of land in order to make your home worth more than it is now.

  1. Clean It Up

Does the land surrounding your home have a lot of overgrown brush and dead trees on it?

If so, these things are not doing you any favors when it comes to the value of land. They’re eyesores that will scare people off if you ever decide to sell your home.

Make an effort to clean up the land surrounding your home. You may need to bring in some heavy-duty equipment to do it. But it’ll be well worth the time and money that you spend on it once your land looks its best.

  1. Make It Easy to Access It

If you own a property that features a lot of land, it might be difficult to access certain parts of it. Change that by adding roads and trails to your land to make it more accessible than it is now.

There may be certain restrictions on what you can do to improve the accessibility of your land. For example, you might not have the freedom to build a road that runs through your land without the proper permits from your city or county.

But it never hurts to explore your options. You might find some simple ways to make your land more easily accessible.

  1. Put Up a Gate at the Entrance to It

While you want your land to be as accessible as possible for you, you don’t want to invite trespassers to come onto your property whenever they want. Fortunately, you can keep your land and your home private by putting up a gate on your property.

Invest in a sturdy gate that won’t budge if people try to get past it. The right gate can improve your home’s curb appeal and increase the value of land in the process.

  1. Put Up a Fence Around It

If you own acres and acres of land, surrounding it all with a fence might not be feasible. Even the cheapest forms of fencing will cost a fortune if you need to buy a lot of it.

But if you can swing it, putting up a fence around your land will make it more private and keep trespassers out. And by making your land more secure, you’ll make the value of land go up.

  1. Run Utility Lines to It

Is your home pretty much off the grid at this point? That is going to hurt its value in the long run since not everyone loves the idea of living without major utilities.

If possible, try to run electric and sewer lines to your home. It’ll make life a lot more convenient for you, and it’ll also increase the value of your home as a whole.

It can be expensive to run utility lines to a home. It can also require you to dig up a lot of land, which will hurt the appearance of your property in the short term. But at the end of the day, you’ll love what utility lines do for your home.

  1. Plant Trees and Other Plants on It

Earlier, we talked about cleaning up your land and ripping out any overgrown brush or dead trees on it. And while we would still advocate doing that, we would also consider planting new trees and plants if you don’t have much plant life on your land.

Trees and plants can brighten up any outdoor space and make it look better when you position them strategically. Find the right trees and plants for your specific plot of land and get them into the ground.

  1. Build Structures on It

If you have the space to do it, you might be able to make your home worth more by building some other structures to go along with it. You can add structures like:

  • Garage
  • Shed
  • Workshop
  • Barn
  • Chicken coop
  • Pool house

Some of these structures will add more value to your home than others. It’s a good idea to speak with a real estate expert in your area about which structures you should ultimately decide to go with before you begin building them.

  1. Come Up With Drainage Solutions for It

Are there certain parts of your land that flood when it rains? That’s probably because the land doesn’t drain properly.

If you suspect that this could be taking a toll on the value of land, find drainage solutions that will allow rainwater to drain away rather than hanging around for a while on rainy days.

  1. Obtain a Survey for It

Believe it or not, there are a lot of people who don’t know the exact boundaries of the land that they’re living on. They’ve never gotten around to paying for a survey to be done on their land to identify what they own.

By obtaining a survey, you can figure out the boundaries of your property. That alone could increase the value of land or give you some ideas as far as what else you can do to it to increase its value.

This list breaks down some potential options for those trying to make the most of the land that they own.

Increase the Value of Land Surrounding Your Home Today

Whether you plan on selling your home sometime soon or not, it’s a good idea to increase the value of land that you own. It’ll send your home’s value skyrocketing in no time.

It’ll also allow you to enjoy living on your land more. You’ll be able to make better use of it after making the necessary improvements to your land.

Check out our blog for additional tips on giving the value of your home and your land a boost.

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