A Few Thoughts on Moving

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WASHINGTON – (RealEstateRama) — Landed the new job. Yipee! Sold the house here and got a new place there. Wahoo! We get to pack everything, haul the boxes {imagine the sounds of tires squealing, a massive boom and shattering glass}. Yep, that’s right, all the organizing, packing, lifting and carrying needs done. What’s a person to do?

To the Bat Cave!

Ok, not really, it’s just that I’ve always wanted to say that. But here in the 21st century, I guess the cry might be “To the Internet!” When we encounter a problem for which we want some help we fire up our device of choice and hit our favorite search engine, and in 0.23 seconds we are presented with results 1-100 of 7,385,042. In my search, I came across this helpful site for Allied movers and got some useful info while trying to wrap my head around all the details.

The Logistics

Now that the realities of a move, whether across town or across the country, many of the same issues need consideration. I sincerely urge you not to put things off until the last minute and find some ideas on creating a checklist.

First, there are the tasks of sorting, wrapping and boxing/crating of the household. Little Susie’s stuff must be separate from Little Tommy’s stuff, if you have more than one child you know exactly what I’m talking about.

The fragile items must be wrapped so as to minimize the risk of breakage or damage, then boxed carefully lest one item crush another. If a priceless artifact or a precious reminder of Dear Aunt Sally were to get damaged or destroyed all the insurance in the world will not erase the pain.

Next is the inevitable trip to the nearest office supply store to pick up the packing tape, bubble wrap and magic markers we need. I put this here because my wife asked me to pick those up last week and I forgot.

After that is the equally inevitable second trip to the store because I got the wrong type of tape or markers. Or maybe I forgot the labels my wife also asked me to pick up in the week gone by. Seriously honey, text me a list so I have at least a small chance of remembering.

Next comes the aches and pains and hurting part, round one. This will be done in reverse later. Time to haul the boxes, storage bins and assorted couches, dressers and beds onto the truck. Remember, just like the medical pros will say you lift with your legs and not your back to save yourself from a serious injury.

Next, the third trip to the store, this time to one of the ubiquitous pharmacy stores you find on pretty much every major intersection. Apparently, I also forgot the analgesic muscle cream and bandages. Written lists! Ok?

The Benefits of a Professional’s Advice

I have changed residences numerous times whether across town, across State lines and twice between units in the same apartment building. Ironically, I found the “small” moves between floors in the same building to be the bigger pains in the neck. And back.

Seriously, getting some information from a professional moving site like the one I found at Allied can be a great help. From tips on how to do things yourself to the different levels of assistance available to assist in your move.

I’ll bet you didn’t know that the choices range from whole hog packing, loading, inventorying and transporting down to just the boxes and other supplies that are absolute essentials for anybody who is moving their households. You know, the ones your wife asked you to pick up but you forgot? Written. Lists. It’s really easy, text, IM, Facebook or just put pen to paper and pin a note on my jacket. Unless I forget to take my jacket.

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