AARP Volunteers Visit Politicians at Home Urging Congress to Block $129 Billion in Social Security, Veterans’ Benefit Cuts


AARP Volunteers Visit Politicians at Home Urging Congress to Block $129 Billion in Social Security, Veterans’ Benefit Cuts

Washington, DC – February 19, 2013 – (RealEstateRama) — As Congress returns to their home districts this week they’ll find AARP volunteers and staff on their doorsteps fighting against the $129 billion in cuts to the Social Security COLA and veterans’ benefits that would occur if Chained CPI were adopted. The visits to Congressional offices by AARP volunteers will follow weeks of letters, events, advertisements, petitions, a new Chained CPI Calculator, e-mails and phone calls asking Congress not to cut Social Security benefits and to have a separate conversation about Social Security’s future.

“Cuts to Social Security and veterans’ benefits through Chained CPI are no small change,” said AARP Executive Vice President Nancy LeaMond. “The stealth change is a significant benefit cut that snowballs over time. The adoption of chained CPI would take hundreds of billions of dollars out of the pockets of current and near retirees, working families, veterans and the disabled, as well as the local economies in which they live, in the next ten years alone.”

The volunteers and staff plan to reiterate AARP’s longstanding position against a Social Security COLA Reduction (Chained CPI) as part of any budget deal. AARP last week sent a new letter to Congress and the White House on Social Security. Portions of the letter sent to Congress on the Chained CPI last week are below:

“Today, every dollar of the average Social Security retirement benefit of about $14,800 is absolutely critical to the typical beneficiary. Proposals to reduce Social Security benefits through adoption of the chained consumer price index would immediately hurt current recipients who overwhelmingly depend on that income in retirement. And Social Security will likely be even more important to future generations. Due to stagnating income, escalating personal debt and rising costs for education and health care, workers today are less likely than their parents or grandparents to enjoy the living standards of their working years when they retire. If these trends continue, Social Security will be the main source of income for all but the wealthiest retirees in the future.”

AARP’s efforts against the Chained CPI and for a separate conversation with regard to Social Security will continue when members of Congress return to Washington from their home states.

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