Beauty is in the Details: Bathroom Renovations to Convert Your Home

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Bathroom renovations have become a popular choice for people to update their homes. From the moment you enter your bathroom, you know that there is something different about it as soon as you see wall tiles and fixtures in colors or styles that are not typically seen in other rooms of the house. It’s no wonder then why bathroom remodeling has become an art form – with considerations like color, style, and texture required for every project. While doing your research for remodeling ideas, you might find that there are plenty of different responses to those questions. But our team from the franklin bathroom remodel has narrowed it down to 12 awesome tips on how you can proceed!

1. Replace the countertop with a new one

The first step is to decide your style of countertop and what material you want it made out of. The most popular styles are quartz or solid surface counters. They offer durability against scratches and heat damage as well as a variety of finishes in different colors that will match any decorating scheme for your bathroom (and house).

Another option is granite which can be installed either on top of an existing counter with adhesive or onto a new slab that’s pre-cut at installation time so all edges have matching seams without visible grout lines as porcelain tile does.

Lastly, there’s always laminate – perfect when you need something durable but don’t want to spend too much money.

The countertop should be installed before any cabinets are added or the walls are tiled so that you have a clean, flat surface to work with.

2. Replace your bathtub with a shower

If you’re looking for a change, consider replacing your bathtub with a shower. This is a fairly easy project to do in your bathroom with the newest models of shower units.

Removing the bathtub and installing a new one can be done as an upgrade or remodel depending on how much you want to invest. 

A shower is a great place to start if you’re short on space, especially in small bathrooms where there’s not much room for both.

If you live in an apartment or condo with shared walls and plumbing, installing a bathtub can be tricky- but converting your bathtub into a shower stall might work just fine!

There are many benefits of replacing your bathtub with a shower; they include: saving water when it comes to bathing as well as energy costs from heating the water. This also means that shampoo bottles won’t collect dirt over time and get clogged within the pipes which could lead to flooding issues.

3. Install a large mirror above the sink for an open feel

Another great idea for a bathroom renovation is to install a large mirror above the sink. This will create an open feel and also allow you to view your face in all of its glory while doing your morning routine. You can use this time for makeup application, or just as a warm-up before tackling your day ahead!

4. Clean and paint the walls

Just like any other room in your home, it’s important to keep the bathroom walls clean and paint them as needed. This will help create a more inviting feel for guests who may use this space while visiting you. Freshen up the paint color by changing it from white to something lighter and brighter! This will give off an airy feeling while also making the room seem bigger than before!

If you’re not ready to redecorate the entire room just yet, there are simple ways of changing up the look by using some wall decoration pieces. For instance, if you have ugly old wallpaper on one wall that has been bothering you for years – replace it! It doesn’t matter whether it is something bolder such as patterned paper or an accent color like teal;  try anything different from what is currently there! Painting over tiles can also be a great way to change the look of a room without having to redecorate.

5. Consider installing a heated floor for added comfort during those cold winter months!

Some people may be against the idea of heated floors mainly because they are expensive. However, with many different styles to choose from you can find something that not only matches your budget but also suits the style and look of your bathroom as well! For instance, if you love rustic country-style design then there is a heated floor option for this kind of room too. The important thing about installing heated floors in bathrooms is finding one that fits both your needs and tastes so it doesn’t make things even more difficult for yourself!

6. Add a skylight or window to let in natural light

Adding a skylight or window to your bathroom can make it feel much brighter and airier. This is perfect for those who want their bathroom to be more like an oasis-like retreat from the rest of their home! With either choice, you will have plenty of natural light coming into your space making everything look fresher while also adding some color in with all that natural beauty.

The installation process should take no longer than one day so there won’t be too long of a disruption at all which has got everyone talking about this option as opposed to needing weeks to complete renovations.

7. Install under-cabinet lighting for better visibility when you’re doing your makeup, shaving, etc. 

Installing under-cabinet lighting can make it easier to see when you’re doing your makeup, shaving, or getting ready for the day.

Installed in a bathroom with an open plan layout, this is one of those small details that will give off some nice ambient light as well as provide plenty of task lighting. It’s easy to do and doesn’t require any major construction work either!

You likely have all the materials needed at home already too so there won’t be much disruption during installation – pretty quick and simple overall making this an affordable option too. With new LED technology being developed, these lights also use less energy than older models which means they could save you money on your power bill over the long term too.

8. Install motion-sensor lighting for safety and convenience 

Installing motion-sensor lighting for your bathroom is a great way to improve safety and convenience. Installed in a bathroom with an open plan layout, this is one of those small details that will give off some nice ambient light as well as provide plenty of task lighting. Motion sensor lights are easy to do and don’t require any major construction work either!

9. Update the flooring and add new tiles or a rug for more warmth and comfort

If your bathroom floor is looking a little tired or dated, it might be time to update the look by swapping out the old tiles for new ones. You can even add some fun wallpaper or paint accents if you want to get creative! If you want something more practical than changing up the flooring, adding rugs are also an affordable option too.

10. Get rid of any clutter or unused items in your bathroom for an organized look

One way to make your bathroom look nice and tidy again is by removing any unused items that might be cluttering up space. Be sure to get rid of anything you don’t use on a regular basis too! For example, if you’re not using your old toothbrush holder, it’s time to let go of the clutter and donate those items.

11. Add decorative touches around the room such as framed art pieces or candles on shelves 

Another way to personalize your bathroom is by adding decorative touches. This can be as simple as framing a piece of art you like or adding some candles on a shelf. You can also hang a hand towel on the wall behind the sink or add a piece of art to your shower curtain.

When you put in these final touches, it will give your bathroom that extra personality and make it feel like home!

12. Make sure you have plenty of storage space in cabinets and drawers for all your toiletries and towels!

You don’t want to be digging around for your soap in a cabinet that is bursting at the seams! You can add more shelves or install some extra cabinets. Cabinets are also great places to store towels and robes, so make sure you have plenty of storage space.


The most important aspect of a bathroom renovation is to be sure the space has everything you need, and nothing that you don’t. It’s also essential to keep in mind how often people visit this room, as too much storage will only cause clutter. We hope these tips have been helpful for your upcoming project!

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