Before You Pledge Allegiance: 5 Guidelines for Hanging the American Flag

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Hanging the American Flag

There’s nothing more patriotic than hanging the American flag at your home or business. Make sure you follow the flag with these guidelines.

How much do you know about Old Glory, the patriotic symbol of America?

The United States flag has a rich and fascinating history. To honor the flag and what it represents, it is important to know the guidelines for hanging the American flag. As outlined by the US Flag Code, there are a series of steps that should be taken when flying, handling, storing, and disposing of the flag.

Read on to learn more about the top five guidelines for the US flag, ensuring you’re properly honoring the flag at all times.

  1. Know the Right Times for Hanging the American Flag

As per flag pole etiquette, flags should be flown from sunrise and sunset when on buildings. If the flag will be flown in the evening, it must be illuminated so that it can be seen.

While the flag can be flown every day, it is particularly important to fly on holidays. These include Labor Day, Flag Day, Armed Forces Day, and Mother’s Day.

If the weather is bad, it is a good idea to take the flag down.

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  1. How to Properly Dispose of Flag

If your flag has become weatherworn or damaged, it should be disposed of properly. According to the Flag Code, the proper way to do this is to fold and place on top of a fire, burning the flag.

However, if you’re not able to do this, you can also bury it in a dignified box or donate to an organization like the American Legion— they can perform the flag disposal ceremony on your behalf.

  1. Rules for Flying With Other Flags

There is a correct way to hang a US flag when you are flying with other flags. No other flag, such as a state flag, should be flown higher than the American flag. If other flags will be flown at the same height, they should go to the right of the American flag.

  1. Properly Store Flag When Not in Use

When your flag isn’t flying, it should be stored in a dignified and respectful way.

This means it should be folded into a triangle. This is to symbolize the tri-corner hats worn in the US Revolutionary War by colonial soldiers.

  1. Do Not Let the Flag Touch the Ground

Out of respect, the flag should never touch the ground or be placed on the ground. You should also never place another item on top of a flag and it should never be hung across a ceiling.

Also, remember to never fly or hold your flag upside down— this is considered a sign of distress and proper positioning of the flag should be taken seriously.

Fly the Flag With Pride

It’s a real privilege to fly the flag outside your home or business. Now that you know some of the guidelines for properly hanging the American flag, you can patriotically fly your flag with the dignity it deserves.

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