Building Relationships with Clients That Go Beyond the Sale

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Any good real estate agent knows that having strong lasting relationships with their clients goes beyond the purchase or sale of a property. They understand that even after the real estate transaction has taken place, it is their existing clients that help them to gain new business in the future. From using the same agents to buy or sell properties in the future to recommending them to others in need of a realtor, estate agents know that a quality relationship with their clients can enhance their business.

This is why the best agents in the business go above and beyond in not only cultivating lasting relationships with their clients but maintaining them throughout the years. Here are some suggestions on how to accomplish this:

Remember Them During Special Times
Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and more, there are plenty of times throughout the year where real estate agents can quickly connect with their clients and let them know how much they care. A simple telephone call, text message, or even holiday ecards can make their day and remind you that you’re there for them should they need you.

Make Moving Easier
The home buying/selling process is stressful enough. When you add relocating to the mix the stress seems to multiply by ten. You can earn a win in your real estate clients’ book by helping to make their move easier. Whether you refer them to a moving company that will offer exclusive discounts, take the day off and help them move some things in, or order them some pizza or takeout so they don’t have to cook on moving day, they’ll greatly appreciate your effort.

Housewarming Gifts
Nothing says you value them as individuals more than a nice gift. Housewarming presents are a nice way to show your excitement for your clients finally finding a place they can call home. Try to get them something of significance. Whether it’s a nice painting to go on a feature wall in their home, washcloth and towel sets to match their bathroom, or a set of aromatherapy candles to liven up their space, these things will certainly be appreciated.

Refer Them to Other Professionals
Being a homeowner is no easy task. There are a lot of physical and financial responsibilities that individuals sometimes need help with. From learning how to budget and manage their household income to keeping up with home repairs and improvements, you can let them know how much you care about them by putting them in touch with service providers that can make life easier. Whether you know a financial advisor or a reputable general contractor, your clients will take pleasure in knowing you are interested in more than just making a sale.

Invest in Their Business
Were your clients small business owners? If so, you can always show how much you care and keep the relationship alive by investing in their business. Whether you purchase their products and services or send referrals their way, your clients will appreciate you going above and beyond to help them succeed in life.

Tour of the Town
Are you from the area your clients recently moved to? Perhaps you’re just really familiar with the area? Instead of telling them how great the area is, show them. Pick a date where you can take your clients to the nearby shopping centers, or on a tour of the parks, best attractions, fun activities, and hidden gems in the area so they can get acquainted with their neighborhood a lot easier.

Stay Connected on Social Media
A low-key yet still creative way to show your clients you care after the real estate transaction is to stay connected through social media. Connecting as friends and paying attention to what’s going on in their lives can make a huge difference. You can like or comment on photos, send birthday shoutouts and periodically send them information that will help them to excel in life and in their new homes.

The best real estate agents know how important it is to keep in touch with their clients after the purchase or sale of a property has taken place. They will go above and beyond using techniques such as those listed above to let their clients know they’re more than just a commission. These creative ideas help to cultivate strong relationships that last years and help them to retain clients that can enhance their brands in the future.

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