Canadian Airbnb Software and Key Exchange Service Announce Integration to Streamline Airbnb Management


WASHINGTON (November 2, 2017) – (RealEstateRama) — There is a recent emergence of businesses that are centered around Airbnb, businesses that’s purposes are to make the lives of hosts easier. The businesses aim to do this by automation, outsourcing, and increasing possibilities. Recently, there have been two companies in particular that have been making advancements in the industry. AirGMS and Keycafe have just announced that they are integrating their services to provide an even better experience for Airbnb hosts.

Utilizing this recently launched integration service makes it possible for Airbnb hosts to easily and conveniently share keys with their guests and service providers, such as cleaners or maintenance workers, and track them on a dashboard of AirGMS platform. Apart from email notifications and text message notifications, host are also able to monitor the key status in real time in their AirGMS account. The beauty of integration is seeing all information from the vacation rental software and key exchange service in a single interface. The amount of time that this integration saves hosts is life-changing.

AirGMS Vacation Rental Software

A small Vancouver based startup which launched its trademark software in 2015, AirGMS can now proudly boast that it helps over 4000 Airbnb owners in 49 countries around the world. AirGMS has earned a lot of positive press recently for the revolutionary vacation rental software that it offers which aims to transform how Airbnb hosts manage the day-to-day running of their properties – from arranging cleaning services for their properties, keeping track of bookings, automating reviews and communicating with guests, to cumulative financial reporting. AirGMS supports all of the major operations and functions that an Airbnb business would normally have access to on the main Airbnb website. The sleek interface allows everything in one place, eliminating the need for logging in and out of different Airbnb accounts. The company is constantly developing new tools and offers integrations that solves hosts’ headaches.

Keycafe, like AirGMS, is a Vancouver based startup that offers a key exchange service which makes it possible for Airbnb hosts to easily and conveniently share keys with their guests and service providers such as cleaners or maintenance workers. Keycafe is available in fifteen cities, in six countries in the United States, Canada, and Europe. What makes Keycafe so special is that it is the only key exchange company that has an Airbnb API. As well as the benefits discussed for the hosts, the service makes the Airbnb experience much more enjoyable for the customer too, as it allows them feel more relaxed by using a local cafe as a drop off and pick up point. Keycafe provides a welcoming, accessible, and friendly place for them to have a peaceful break at the end of their journey. The best thing about Keycafe is that it is so simple to set up that if it is not operating in your desired location then it only takes a few clicks to and a one-off payment to have a location opened.

Both companies believe that uniting their efforts will make Airbnb hosts’ work more productive.

AirGMS is the only vacation property management software that currently benefits from integration with Keycafe, and to use this new opportunity for vacation rental managers is extremely easy. Once a host signs up for both services and makes basic steps for integration there will be no need to switch interfaces or applications, all of the Keycafe accounts will be there in the AirGMS dashboard in a separate block for Key Exchange. How does it benefit Airbnb hosts? Either they or their cleaners immediately receive notifications once guests check out. This helps to plan cleanings more efficiently and avoid the situation of the cleaner arriving while the guest is still in the property. The next step planned within integration is that guests will receive notifications once the property is ready for check-in. This will undoubtedly partially solve the problem of early check-ins inquiries for both guests and hosts.

With the constant advancements in the Airbnb industry it is only a matter of time before hosts are able to effortlessly automate all operations related to vacation rental management. And software like AirGMS and Keycafe are extremely happy to be part of this future.

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