Vacation Rental Software Developed By Airbnb Hosts Is Setting New Industry Standards


AirGMS is a Vancouver startup that is making life a lot easier for a new generation of Airbnb hosts. By differentiating itself from the crowd with a number of exclusive features – such as native autoresponders – AirGMS is proving to be a game changer for vacation property managers, whether they have hundreds of properties or just a handful.

AirGMS launched in 2015 with an initial investment of $300,000 coming from a private investor. The company grew rapidly and is now making plans for round B of investments, with the intention to attract a cool $1,5 million. One of the investors the company is negotiating with is Greater Sum Ventures.


Since exploding onto the scene just two years ago, AirGMS has established itself as a strong player in a very competitive industry. It has already eaten up the market share of competitor Guesty as well as other market leaders.

After starting out as a small property cleaning business in Vancouver, the founders of AirGMS noticed that at least half of their clients were Airbnb hosts. It didn’t take long for them to see that the entire sector had a huge need for organizational tools, so they decided to develop their own solution. With the advantage of being hosts themselves – and, therefore, knowing first hand the problems which their customers are likely to face – along with 15 years experience in IT and software development, they created a product that integrates seamlessly with Airbnb to make hosts’ lives much simpler.

Over the past year, AirGMS has made huge inroads into the highly competitive vacation rental management market. This has seen the company help customers from over 49 countries oversee the Airbnb management of almost 4000 property listings across the globe.

Right now, AirGMS is in negotiations to partner with one of the biggest European vacation rental management companies, Air Sorted, which has more than 800 listings throughout the UK.

AirGMS currently employs 22 hardworking individuals across the globe, all under the leadership of CEO Ivan Levchenko and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Igor Kostin. The company has five entities in five major countries of the world – the U.S, Canada, Spain, Italy, and Japan.

One of AirGMS’ strengths is its seamless integration with Airbnb, the property rental marketplace that is changing the face of hospitality across the globe. This allows property managers to access numerous profile from a single, clean interface – an essential feature in order to manage potentially large amounts of guest communications efficiently.

Innovation seems to be part of the team’s ethos. This Airbnb management software is constantly being refined and updated with new features, even going so far as to take suggestions and requests from their customers. AirGMS’ novel integration with Keycafe is one of the features that has proved a hit, as it allows property managers to remotely manage access to the keys to their properties.

A mobile app of the software has also just been released. Promising to be a convenient alternative to the official Airbnb app, the AirGMS app gives hosts the freedom to keep their business running smoothing on the go, again with no need to log in and out of different hosting accounts.

One of the unique features that AirGMS provides is the ability to limit access to certain features for different staff members. For example, cleaners can be given access to the calendar but not to the pricing feature. This has proved to be vital in allowing Airbnb businesses to function smoothly and securely as they grow.

The brains behind AirGMS say that it the software has been designed with a new generation of Airbnb hosts in mind. A generation that consists not only of vacation rental management companies that are profiting from numerous property listings, but also regular hosts who perhaps have one or several properties on Airbnb and other platforms. Going the extra mile, the company has also introduced a free pricing plan for hosts with a single listing.

While there are many pieces of vacation rental software out there, AirGMS has found its niche and is on a mission to bring professional functionality into the hands of Airbnb hosts property managers no matter the size of their portfolio.

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