Capps Announces Grants to Help Working-Class Central Coast Residents


Santa Barbara – July 15, 2014 – (RealEstateRama) — Today, Rep. Lois Capps (CA-24) announced more than $8 million in federal grants designed to provide housing and economic opportunities for working-class residents.

The grants come through three different programs.

Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) provide federal funding to local governments to development viable urban communities by providing affordable housing and expanding economic opportunities for low and moderate income individuals.

The HOME program expands the supply of affordable housing to low and very low income families by providing grants to fund housing programs that meet local needs and priorities.

The Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) program provides funding to engage homeless individuals and families living on the street; improves the number and quality and operations of emergency shelters for homeless individuals and families; provides essential services to shelter residents, rapidly re-house homeless individuals and families, and prevents families and individuals from becoming homeless.

These grants will go a long way to making housing more affordable for more people,” Capps said. “From providing affordable housing to low income residents, to engaging homeless individuals and providing resources and support to those without a home, these grants help our local agencies provide critical services to the people who need it most.”

San Luis Obispo County received a total of $2,489,332 in funding. This includes $1,627,673 in CDBG funds, $726,163 through the HOME program, and $135,496 through the ESG program.

Ventura County received a total of $1,978,239 in funding. The County received $1,531,833 in CDBG funds and $46,406 through the HOME program.

The City of Ventura received a total of $1,061,314 in funding. The City received $739,298 in CDBG funds and $322,016 through the HOME program.

And Santa Barbara County received a total of $2,575,961 in grant funding. Santa Barbara County received $1,511,673 in CDBG funds, $126,795 in ESG funds, and $937,493 in HOME funds.

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