Congressman Obernolte introduces the bipartisan Protecting Against Compromised IOT Tech Act

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Washington – RealEstateRama – U.S. Congressman Jay Obernolte (CA-08) reintroduced his Protecting Against Compromised IOT Technology Act on Thursday to protect American consumers and businesses from products that could be manipulated or compromised by foreign actors. The bill requires regular oversight of companies that sell “Internet of Things” (IOT) devices such as internet-connected refrigerators, smart thermostats and home security cameras to prevent compromised products from entering American homes.

“The Internet of Things has greatly improved efficiency for Americans, allowing us to perform actions such as changing our thermostats, locking our doors, and starting our coffeemakers remotely from anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, it also presents significant security risks.” said Rep. Obernolte. “This bill would require a review of the IOT product ecosystem and would place bad actors on the Entity List before compromised products reach American homes and businesses, helping to keep Americans and their data safe.”

IOT devices are being used in American homes to connect everyday products to the internet, simplify daily life, and improve home security. They are also being utilized in American manufacturing and businesses across the country to monitor and control our supply chain, boosting output and reducing errors. These efficiencies have improved American life, but they also pose significant digital security risks. Companies that make the devices may have access to the activity each device monitors, which can result in nefarious use of that data when those companies are connected to China or other known malicious actors.

Investigations have proven an established pattern of concerning behavior from China and other nations related to corporate espionage, intellectual property theft, end national security. While Chinese-connected companies such as Huawei and ZTE have been banned from selling telecommunications products in the U.S. due to of the risk of data being gathered by the CCP, there are a growing number of smart devices entering American homes and businesses that present similar security concerns. The Protecting Against Compromised IOT Technology Act would require regular review of companies that sell IOT devices. Malicious actors would be placed on the Entity List to prevent them from selling compromised products to help keep American homes and businesses safe.

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