Door Swing Stopper Guide

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Door Swing Stopper Guide

Are your walls covered in scuff marks? If such dents and scuff marks are left by your doors, perhaps it’s time to consider investing in doorstops.

These fixtures are available, simple to install, and affordable to purchase. They do much more than preventing damage, such as impeding injuries and contributing to the décor of homes.

Doorstops come in multiple types, shapes, and colors. The ultimate choice is dependent on the space and requirements of homeowners.

We hope the following guide explains everything you need to know about doorstops.


When shopping for a door swing stopper, buyers are provided with two types of devices, wall-mounted and floor-mounted. The former, as the name reveals, is mounted to either the wall or a baseboard, whereas the latter is attached to the floor. Wall-mounted models are undoubtedly less noticeable than floor-mounted ones.

The selection of door swing stoppers is indeed vast, each of them serving a different purpose. For example, baseboard and springboard models are among the most popular variants, featuring a spring-like construction with a tip made of rubber. The function of these models is to prevent the door from hitting the wall, which is effective in households with pantry and kitchen doorways.

Magnetic doorstops, on the other hand, can be mounted to both floors and walls for the purpose of preventing wall damage. Besides preventing damage, these models are also functional when it comes to keeping doors open. They operate with the help of magnets, meaning homeowners might need to replace them often. Follow this link,, to find out how to install a doorstop.

Rubber door lock stoppers are almost identical to the baseboard models. These fixtures are made completely out of rubber, making them strong and long-lasting. Additionally, they provide protection to the door against damage when it hits the doorstop. The majority of buyers prefer them because of being incredibly discrete.

Moreover, bumper doorstops are round and highly practical. Their job is to impede the doorknob from hitting the wall, which is why they are mounted high. Bumper doorstops are the ideal choice for doors with large handles or doorknobs that come in contact with the wall.

In contrast, fixed floor doorstops not only lower the risk of wall damage but make sure doors are open when necessary. There are no complications regarding the installation, which makes them perfect for both households and commercial properties. However, they are noticed more easily.

Ultimately, rubber door wedges have become a highly popular fixture in a myriad of households. They require no installation, as the floors won’t have to be drilled. These fixtures come in various shapes and colors, which contributes to their versatility.

Benefits of installing doorstops

Doorstops provide homeowners with a multitude of benefits, making them a necessity across households. When looking for a door swing stopper, make sure it provides simple installation, multiple color options, and premium quality. These devices are designed to save doors and walls from damage, such as scuff marks and dents. It often happens for household members to use a bit of force when opening or closing doors, especially when hurrying somewhere or being in a bad mood. Nevertheless, they usually feel bad about the damage shortly after it’s done.

Doorknobs are infamous for making dents into the walls, as well as leaving terrible scuff marks. Anyhow, a doorstop makes sure the doorknob hits it instead of deteriorating the surface. Hence, you won’t have to worry about the condition of your walls when hurrying out of the house or going inside with an armful of shopping bags.

An even more important reason for installing doorstops in your household is the prevention of injuries and accidents, particularly in households with small children and pets. For instance, when leaving a door ajar when the weather is windy, it is likely for kids and adults to get their fingers trapped. These injuries are incredibly painful to children but, luckily, can be prevented with doorstops.

Homeowners living in a house with no kids but pets would also benefit from installing such fixtures. Given the adventurous spirit of kittens and puppies, it’s no wonder they tend to get hurt then when doors open or close. However, doorstops are the perfect devices for keeping pets safe and secure, especially when too small.

Despite their original function, doorstops also take the role of decorative pieces. A large number of homeowners are concerned about the fact these fixtures might influence their home décor in a negative manner. Nevertheless, you can easily find a bunch of decorative models, which suit the interiors of different homes.

How to choose the best one?

The best model of doorstop varies across homeowners, depending on their needs and space availability. For example, magnetic models are more appropriate for households with young kids and pets when compared to hook stoppers. Nevertheless, the amount of space plays a crucial role in the decision, as these fixtures won’t be useful if the handle is still capable of touching and damaging the wall.

In addition, the size of the handle must be taken into account as well. In case the handle is too large, a fixed floor model would be considered more appropriate, as it can be attached at a greater distance from the wall.

A final note

Doorstops are affordable but highly effective.

Make sure to prevent injuries and deterioration by installing such devices at home!

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