6 Key Safety and Security Features Every Home Should Have

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Keeping your family and valuables safe and secure from harm is essential in any home. It all starts with getting a home in a safe neighborhood, securing your home, and keeping intruders out. Integrating good security strategies does not mean that you have to break the bank. You can secure your home and have peace of mind as you go about your day-to-day activities at a very affordable rate. Here are some features that are proven to improve the security of your residence and keep intruders away. 

1. Install an alarm system

An alarm system will help keep your home secure from intruders and keep you aware should they try to break in. With this security feature, your home will enjoy professional and dependable monitoring 24/7 from experienced security technicians. Engage the services of a reputable company that understands the security needs of a home inside out like a locksmith in Roanoke Virginia does.

2. Video surveillance

Technological advancements have made it easy to keep an eye on occurrences both in and around the house. There is a variety of both analog and internet protocol CCTV options that can be customized to meet your specific needs. A good quality video surveillance system should allow for flawless integration with the alarm system and web-enabled devices. With this smart home technology, you will always be in the loop on what happens at home in real-time and act on time.

3. Secure doors and frames

Having the right doors and frames for your home is one major factor to consider in matters of home safety and security. This is because doors secure the house’s perimeter and, in turn, affect the overall security of the entire house. Invest in high-quality doors that meet the ADA compliance requirements and can withstand a break-in, making it difficult for criminals to break in to your house.

4. Reinforced locks for doors and windows

Key-in-the-knob locks, and sliding glass doors or windows are inadequate measures for keeping burglars out on their own. This is why you should consider either mechanical or electronic lock reinforcement options as a home security measure. Such options include padlocks, deadbolts, knob and lever, rim, and mortise locks. You can upgrade to smart locks that you can control remotely from a smart device.

5. Install a home Safe

Burglars mostly go for small, expensive, quick-grab items when they break in. Invest in a home safe where you can lock away cash and high-value items like jewelry and important documents. A good safe will also protect your valuables from fire and water damage.

6. Install motion-sensing lights

Motion sensors, both inside and outside the house, put a spotlight on anyone snooping around. This visibility works to deter the intruders and keep your home safe, since it makes it hard for them to walk around undetected. You can have the detection adapter installed between the bulb and socket or go for motion-sensing light bulbs to keep your home safe.


Invest in a home security system and keep burglars away from your home while increasing its value and enhancing its style. Statistics show that homes without security systems have three times the chance of getting broken into. You do not have to implement everything we have on this list. Start where you can and update gradually. 

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