Five things to consider before you renovate your office

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Doing an office renovation can be a great time to bring some freshness to your facility, but it also has to be quick, swift and as fewer losses as possible. This makes office renovations an undesirable thing for businesses.

Well, worry not as we’re about to go through the journey of office renovation and how you can make it through without your business suffering too much. At the end of the day, it all boils down to proper management, the right planning and having the right equipment.

So, how do you make it through an office renovation?

Start by tasking the right person with the management.

Having the right person run the whole ordeal is a must when it comes to ensuring the smooth moving, renovating and then moving back in in the new space.

It can be someone who’s already done it or even a project manager from your team. Even you can do it if you have enough time or resources are lacking. Keep in mind that this person will be responsible for the move out/in of the office, organizing and speaking with companies and hiring the right renovators to get it done.

This would include a possible communication with interior designers as well. That’s why we don’t recommend to task someone who’s never done this.

And you’ll have to figure out where everyone will be working during the renovation period.

Well, you can’t really close down and not work during the renovation. If you have free office space, great, you’ve solved a huge chunk of your renovation-related problems, but most businesses don’t have a whole free office room.

One amazing option is to let everyone work from home. For small teams who do their work online, working from home is a great option to limit the stress that comes during the renovation time and it’s proven to show employee satisfaction go through the roof.

Rotating shifts and hiring a coworking space is another great way to ensure your employees a stress-free experience.

And remember that priorities always come first.

Renovating your office space means one thing — priorities come first. This means that sometimes you may have to cut out that fancy coffee machine and one-desk per person. During the renovation, it’s not uncommon to leave out the necessities and share desks.

Sometimes this can become a bit overwhelming, hence the suggestion above to let employees work from home.

To speed things up, make sure you have everything needed for the renovation.

Realizing you don’t have a certain tool a week after starting the renovation of your office space will only slow things down. As a business, you can’t afford that.

That’s why it’s so important to plan everything ahead and make sure you have all the tools necessary to get the job done.

Of course, most good renovation companies will bring tools with them, but things like scaffold towers can be hired and returned after you’re done with them.

But everything can’t be done in a day.

Good office renovations take time. During the frustrating time of fixing up your workspace, it’s important to look at things in perspective.

Instead, you have to take a step-by-step process and plan out everything. You don’t even have to do the full renovation at once. If the budget is a bit tight you can stage everything and do the most important stuff first.

However you decide to tackle your renovation, don’t forget to inform all your employees a couple of months ahead. This will immensely ease out things and will get everyone adjusted for what’s coming ahead. You can even make a detailed sheet with dates and events that will take place during the renovation.

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