Dream Destinations on the Portugal Coast

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Tucked away in the southwestern end of Europe in the Iberian Peninsula, sits the country of Portugal. It is bordered on both the east and north by Spain. Much of Portugal’s border is coastline, which separates the waters of the Atlantic Ocean from the Mediterranean Sea. Fine sand beaches dot the landscape from the northern cities of Porto and Viana do Castelo, to Lisbon in the south-central area, and all the way south to Faro.

Compared to most European destinations, real estate in Portugal is still relatively affordable. The moderate Mediterranean climate attracts those looking for sunshine and beautiful beaches and there are many Portugal beach front properties to buy or rent. Airports in Lisbon, Algarve and Porto make it easy for travelers from other countries to access the region. An attractive tax incentive can be offered to new property owners as well.

Property Locations in Portugal are varied and numerous. Over 500 miles of coastline offer a number of options to buyers and renters alike. Some of the most popular destinations include the capital city of Lisbon and the beachside village of Comporta, but there are many other charming areas to explore.


Tourists are drawn to the stimulating urban setting for its inviting offerings. The cultural and epicurean choices rival any other European destination but with more affordable prices. Real estate, rental properties and hotels are all quite reasonably priced. This goes for dining as well. For under ten Euros, one can purchase a delicious meal and a glass of wine. Some of the best coffee to be found anywhere in Europe can be found for one Euro or less.

Silver Coast

Surfers and golfers alike find this area appealing and the reasonable prices on properties keep them there. Easy access from the Lisbon International airport makes this an enticing choice. Prices are more affordable than the Lisbon metropolitan area.


The superb golf courses and warm seas attract visitors and the affordable prices on homes and luxury estates entice year-round residents. Portugal beach front properties abound in this perfect getaway locale.


Some of the most beautiful beaches can be found in this long and sandy peninsula located south of Lisbon. An abundance of Cabanas, beach houses and villas add to the tropical feel of this warm Mediterranean beachside retreat.

Real estate in Portugal offers the buyer many affordable opportunities. The beautiful beaches and appealing climate make it an attractive destination.

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