Is a Smart Lock Right for You? Everything You Need to Know

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Keyless entry is becoming increasingly popular as technology continues to advance and evolve. The phrase “throw away the key” has never been more possible with the invention of smart locks. For an easy and convenient way to enter your home or business, smart locks and smart home devices allow you to unlock doors from anywhere simply by using an app on your phone.

Should you keep your existing lock?

Some smart locks allow users to keep their existing lock and deadbolt. For renters or people looking to not change their keys, certain designs can be attached to an existing lock without any extra maintenance or hassle. By keeping the hardware that is already protecting your home, customers can simply make the switch without any hassle. The decision to keep your existing hardware or to swap it out completely depends on the type of smart lock purchased.

Many smart locks do require customers to replace their existing deadbolt. Some locks take more time to install depending on door conditions and existing deadbolt compatibility. However, replacing a deadbolt is not as difficult as many would imagine it to be. Most of the time, individuals will just need to set aside about 30 minutes and have the proper screwdriver for installation.

What are some of the benefits of smart locks?

There are a variety of smart locks customers can choose from when making the switch. Some have more of a modern look while others are simple chrome-style boxes that go right on your door. As smart locks become more popular, several companies have designed them to come in a variety of finishes. This ultimately allows customers to pick a smart lock that matches their home and doesn’t change the overall aesthetic or style of their door.

One major benefit of smart locks is their safety and security. Customers can track who is entering and leaving their homes and at what times. This is also helpful for families with older children who are coming home after school or leaving for an event. With their own access codes, parents are alerted when their child arrives at home and when they leave. And with access from anywhere, users can control their locks from their smartphone or smart watch with the touch of a button or voice control from miles away.

Another benefit smart locks provide is peace of mind. If you are concerned that you forgot to lock your house, this could lead to unnecessary anxiety and stress. Being able to check your phone to confirm the security of your home is a huge bonus and advantage that comes with purchasing a smart lock. If you go on vacation and someone forces entry into your house or apartment while you are away, some smart locks are able to alert users immediately.

Keyless entry is easy for people of all ages. For renters, it’s a simple and safe way to give access to vacation rental guests and other tenants. You can easily change the passcodes on keypads and revoke access to anyone at any given time. This is great for those who are having construction done and need to allow contractors in and out of their space. Smart locks make managing your property incredibly convenient whether you are one mile away or across the country.

Are smart locks the right fit for everyone?

Smart devices are taking the world by storm. Smart-home technology may seem intimidating for those who have not tried to make the switch yet. However, their installation process and accessibility are both easy and convenient for anyone who is remotely familiar with smartphone technology and using applications. Countless devices and home features, such as headphones, smart speakers, televisions, and more, are connected to smartphones now. Many individuals rely on their phones for nearly everything, including access to one’s property.

Smart locks and smart home systems are convenient. For those who are guilty of losing and misplacing items around their home or even outside of it, smart locks eliminate the issue that comes with losing your keys. Smart locks have now become the future of locking your property and keeping your loved ones safe. Due to the fact that there are several different smart locks on the market, there is a right fit for everyone. Certain locks present specific features that may be more appealing to some than others. The type of smart lock that someone purchases depend on what features that person is looking for. Smart home devices are continuing to evolve and becoming more and more popular as time goes on. Their ability to connect with smartphones makes everything convenient and eliminates the potential loss of additional items such as keys. Smart locks fit every lifestyle and the most difficult decision is simply deciding which one you want.


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