Five Ways To Quickly Improve The Value Of Your Home


WASHINGTON, D.C. – September 30, 2015 – (RealEstateRama) — If you are planning on selling your home it’s important that you do what you can to increase its value. Not only will it make your home sell faster, and look better, but it will also help you to get more money in your pocket. Who doesn’t want to get more money out of their home? Your home was an investment from the start, and you should be taking great care of your investments.

While doing home improvement projects can add up in cost, you’ll be paid back when your home sells at a higher rate than you originally expected. Many of your upgrades can be done by yourself, at minimal costs, while some will need professionals on the job so you make sure it gets done right, and quickly.

Add Some Paint

Inside and outside, a new coat of paint or a more appealing color can make a huge difference to the look of your home and its value. If your home is looking a little bit grubby indoors, because that’s what happens when a home is lived in, you might want to repaint indoors. Opt for lighter colors, like a pale yellow or off-white, to make your rooms look larger if your have a small home.

Painting the outside of your house is great for raising your home’s curb appeal, and it allows you to try something a little different, if you want, while sprucing up the look of any age of house. Make sure that you start with a clean pallet, by power washing siding. Make sure that you choose exterior paint so that it is created to survive the changing outdoor weather. Paint protects your home from the elements, so if you have any flaking paint on your home it’s definitely time to make some changes.

Think About Upgrades

Your home might be built to last, but some things in a house can wear out after time. Check windows and doors for cracks, breaks, drafts, and any other issues. It might be time to put in some new windows, which can also be beneficial if you are trying to make your home more energy efficient. Replacement windows can go a long way in increasing your home’s value.

You may also find that it is time for some other upgrades in certain parts of your home. If your tub or shower is looking a little old and rusty you may want to invest in some bathroom remodeling. The same goes for kitchen and bathroom sinks, and even investing in a water saving toilet.

Clean It Up

Again, indoors and outdoors, you want to make sure your home is clean and tidy. A neat and well-tended yard and landscaping gives your home extra curb appeal. You definitely want your yard to look attractive if you are in the market to sell. That means keeping the grass trimmed regularly, and making sure it’s plush and green.

You may want to put in some extra landscaping, plant some trees, or even just have some potted plants on your porch to give your home’s outside a more natural look and view. Keep flower gardens weeded, and don’t let your grass get out of control.

Inside you want to put away personal items if you are showing your home. People want to be able to imagine the home with them and their family in it and it’s far more difficult to do that when some else’s clutter is all over the place.

Go Green

While you are upgrading appliances, if your home’s heater, central air, or even water heater are on the ancient side you may want to replace them with some more energy efficient options. People want to reduce their carbon footprint while saving money on utilities, which means they are more willing to pay a higher price on a home with these benefits.

Even if you are taking your stove and refrigerator with you when you move, it can make your home look more appealing to have these items energy efficient as well. And if you are leaving them behind make sure they are shining like new!

Outside Is As Important As Inside

As you’ve noticed, the look of the outside of your home as important as the inside when it comes to raising the value of your home. Make sure that both look clean and neat and you’re sure to make a quick sale.

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