Go Fight Foreclosure System Insider Video Workshop Offers Training To Detect Foreclosure Fraud


“Easy expert step-by-step video training is now available for homeowners not pleased with the landmark $25 Billion or more mortgage deal settlement for foreclosure practices wrongdoings.”

Atlanta, GA – March 2, 2012 – (RealEstateRama) — GoFightForeclosure.com today announced to offer the Go Fight Foreclosure System Inside Video Workshop. A complete home foreclosure help video training system that provides step-by-step guidance to educate homeowners on how-to identify foreclosure fraud. Providing wide-ranging battle tested stop foreclosure strategies for real results.

Kyle Ransom creator of the Go Fight Foreclosure System Insider Video Workshop, personally feels that homeowners have very little knowledge about how to challenge wrongful foreclosures. Citing that the major $25 Billion landmark mortgage deal settlement projected to be possibly more money awarded in the future was initiated for foreclosure practices mishandling. He says the Go Fight Foreclosure System Insider Video Workshop will help homeowners learn how-to audit their mortgage loans for securitization flaws and resources to stop wrongful foreclosure.

“It is time for homeowners to learn how to determine what is missing or wrong with their mortgage loan paperwork documents. Knowledge is power and once homeowners know specifics about what is wrong with their particular mortgage loan they can make demands to the bank to receive what they want. Every foreclosure situation is different and every securitization flaw or cloud on title is also different. A homeowner may elect to demand compensation for damages, principal reductions, reduced interest rates, and specially created loan modifications considering errors with paperwork,” stated Kyle Ransom.

Ransom a former mortgage broker with over 16 years experience has a vast understanding of how to review mortgage loans for securitization problems to prevent the bank from having authority to foreclose. Further, he stresses that most mortgage loans have clouds in the chain of title that are suitable for Quiet Title. He is also experienced with determining how-to detect when security instruments should be canceled to free and clear title clouds. He covers his expertise in the Go Fight Foreclosure System Insider Video Workshop.

Only a limited amount of the Go Fight Foreclosure System Insider Video Workshop home foreclosure help video training units will be sold. To purchase at a special introductory low rate please visit http://gffsinsidervideoworkshop.gofightforeclosure.com .

About Kyle Ransom
Kyle Ransom a former licensed mortgage broker with over sixteen years experience in the mortgage business. Also the founder of the Go Fight Foreclosure System respected nationwide for helping homeowners to fight foreclosure and win

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