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In efforts to explain foreclosure frustration that lead to Occupy Wall Street across America the leading home foreclosure exposing mortgage fraud blog dishes on the major foreclosure defenses.

(Atlanta, GA – October 14, 2011 – (RealEstateRama) — Go Fight Foreclosure Blog ( http://GoFightForeclosure.com/Blog ) today announced that improper mortgage securitization is the best foreclosure defense against Robo Signing. Citing that while robotic practices used in foreclosures is illegal and unethical to assert to reviewing verification of documents courts are really not that interested to stop foreclosure over Robo Signing.

Now a move by federal mortgage lending giant Fannie Mae threatens to make infamous Robo Signer Linda Green practices acceptable by the courts. Fannie Mae has a landmark case in Ingham County where thousands of foreclosure documents have been identified as fraudulent. Fannie is arguing to push forward with foreclosure using high powered legal defense that because the homeowner in foreclosure had no part in the transaction related to the assignment transfer it can’t be challenged.

“It’s a license to commit robo-signing, it’s a license to commit fraud,” said Register of Deeds Curtis Hertel, Jr.

According to Kyle Ransom, creator of the Go Fight Foreclosure System ( http://GoFightForeclosure.com ), this strong arm defense to foreclose that Fannie Mae is using can be challenged with the theory of improper mortgage securitization. Ransom says that securitization at the origination of the loan and Uniform Commercial Code places the homeowner in the chain of title to all transactions of holders of the Note.

He says that Fannie must be the real party that possess enforceable interest as a holder in due course to validate the transaction even with arguing the homeowner had nothing to do with it. However, he makes a point to note that the homeowner is the mortgagor for the security instrument that is enforceable and transferred. Ransom cautions that foreclosure defense attorneys and homeowners challenging foreclosure must learn how to defend against Fannie Mae and other major lenders who will use this tactic.

“If they are successful, every bank can do this, every bank across the country can start just saying we can’t be challenged so go ahead and commit as many frauds as you want,” said Hertel.

Ransom views the Occupy Wall Street movement across America as frustration felt by the homeowners over fraudulent foreclosure practices carried out by mortgage lenders. He stresses that all most homeowners really want is a lengthy bailout grace period to restart making payments on reduced monthly payments, reduced fixed interest rates, and reduction of principal mortgage balances compared to the property value today. He feels like the lenders are just not willing to share equality of what they receive and the homeowners see it as injustice. Ransom relates that in 1963 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote from the Birmingham Jail that “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

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About Kyle Ransom
The Go Fight Foreclosure Blog provides the most informative foreclosure news exposing mortgage fraud. A resource guide for homeowners to learn about foreclosure happenings and where to find foreclosure help solutions.

Kyle Ransom is the founder of Go Fight Foreclosure System http://GoFightForeclosure.com . He termed the foreclosure defense “Improper Mortgage Securitization” used by homeowners to challenge their mortgage lender’s enforceable security interest to foreclose.

Ransom is a former licensed mortgage broker with over 15 years experience in banking and finance and real estate investing. He is the CEO of Ultisky, Inc and oversees several online business models.

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