The QWR Attack! Mobile App Better Tactic To Challenge Mortgage Foreclosure


Atlanta, GA – January 31, 2012 – (RealEstateRama) — Announced today QWR Attack! is the new mobile application on the Android Market to challenge mortgage foreclosures. Designed to help mortgage borrowers create a qualified written request to reconcile issues concerning a mortgage loan over enforceable security interest authority.

Ultisky, Inc is behind the development of the QWR Attack! created by Kyle Ransom who serves as Chief Executive Officer. Ransom is a former licensed mortgage broker with over sixteen years experience in the mortgage business. He is also the founder of the Go Fight Foreclosure System respected nationwide to assist homeowners with a self help method for fighting foreclosures.

“The problem with most qualified written requests have been that they are too generic and not addressing the specific enforceable security interest issues about improper securitization concerning a mortgage loan,” stated Kyle Ransom.

Continuing Ransom relates that the QWR Attack! allows the mortgage borrower to select potential violations that challenges the enforceable security interest in the loan. He reveals that for a QWR to be effective it must relate the issues of each personalized loan and every loan can be different. Which is why he feels that generic free sample QWR letters are only a short delay strategy.

The QWR Attack! is designed to challenge the authority of the mortgage lender to enforce security interest in the loan with authority. Addressing the potential of Robo signers, substitute assignment transfers, and improper mortgage securitization. Ransom says these are real problems with the mortgage loan that clouds the chain of title for the loan. Insisting that at this point banks are more willingly to stop foreclosure and reach a settlement solution.

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