GoFightForeclosure.com Secret Tips To Stop Foreclosure Win Free Clear Title


“Foreclosure defense system that advices homeowners on how-to detect improper mortgage securitization using forensic research techniques reveals secrets to win free clear title of mortgage notes.”

Atlanta, GA – August 15, 2011 – (RealEstateRama) — GoFightForeclosure.com today announced three secret tips to stop foreclosure and win free clear title. Citing the best way to stop any foreclosure no matter how many days the loan is past due should be to determine that the mortgage lender is not a Holder In Due Course.

Kyle Ransom, a former full-time mortgage broker with 15 years experience in the mortgage industry reveals that banks should fear free and clear title disputes the most. However, he also says that homeowners using Quiet Title Action to win clear title generally go about it all wrong.

Ransom reveals that many homeowners are buying stop foreclosure products that promise clear title because of mortgage fraud. Further he discloses the homeowner is even coached to believe that they don’t owe anybody. Which he says this is not true because the original first loan was originated and essentially the homeowner does owe somebody. Ransom explains that the Go Fight Foreclosure System shows homeowners how to win clear title in Quiet Title Actions by showing how to determine that the current bank proclaiming ownership is not a Holder In Due course having ownership rights.

“Homeowners should not be seeking a free house but justice to find out who is the rightful holder of the mortgage note with enforceable security interest to collect payments or even foreclose for that matter. If a homeowner is making payments to a mortgage lender that is not the correct owner and the mortgage note has been purchased and resold this puts the homeowner in jeopardy numerous of times of owing the exact same debt repeatedly.

If every homeowner in America really did a Quiet Title Action correctly the banking industry as we know it would never recover,” stated Kyle Ransom.

GoFightForeclosure.com system operates on the theory that when mortgage securitization is improper the bank is not a Holder In Due Course under Uniform Commercial Code guidelines. Inside the system homeowners learn how-to inspect their mortgage notes and assignment transfers to build a improper mortgage securitization defense.

Here are GoFightForeclosure.com Secret Tips To Stop Foreclosure Win Free Clear Title:

You must prove how the bank is not a holder in due course and their mortgage assignment transfer is void.

Steps to apply to Quiet Title Action

1. Acknowledge Loan Origination

Identify that a loan was originated with the original lender.

2. Holder In Due Course Conflicts

Use improper securitization as foreclosure defense to show the bank lacks authority to foreclose.

3. Real Party Interest

Dispute enforceable security interest and void bank foreclosure.

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About Kyle Ransom
Kyle Ransom is the founder of Go Fight Foreclosure System http://GoFightForeclosure.com . He termed the foreclosure defense “Improper Mortgage Securitization” used by homeowners to challenge their mortgage lender’s enforceable security interest to foreclose.

Ransom is a former licensed mortgage broker with over 15 years experience in banking and finance and real estate investing. He is the CEO of Ultisky, Inc and oversees several online business models.

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