How Long Does it Take to Sell a House in Arizona?

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There are several factors that come into answering the question of how long does it take to sell a house in Arizona. Do you want to sell your house for top dollar? Do you want to just sell your house fast? Are you in a buyers’ market, neutral real estate market, or a sellers’ market? The first step is to get with a real estate agent to help you learn the average days on market near to you. Then, real estate agents will tell you that the housing market is different in Phoenix, Tucson, Prescott, Yuma, Payson, etc.

Selling a House in Arizona

A real estate agent in Arizona will tell you the average time to sell your house based on location, condition, buyer demand, and seller supply. As you may know, the population is larger in Arizona during the winter months with a lot of visitors coming to Arizona during the late Fall to late Spring. Then, there are tax returns occurring during winter and spring and during the summers, a lot of locals leaving Arizona to get out of the heat. These variables impact the average time to sell a house in Arizona. The time it takes to sell a house has many other variables to consider too.

When is the Best Time to Sell a House in Arizona?

We have discovered after over nearly two decades of studying the Arizona real estate market, that in Phoenix, Tucson, and Yuma, March is one of your better months to put your house on the market to sell organically fast versus listing it low to sell it fast. During March, Arizona has its peak population and the pent-up supply from sellers waiting from July to have put their houses on the market in early January and have sold off by March in most markets.

The real estate market is a living economy, in short, so things are changing, and different market times will have different days on market. Keep in mind the best window to sell your house is really up to you and your needs. Besides money and time for selling your house, that is also the stress of the pleasure of buying a house. A great sellers’ market is usually a terrible buyers’ market. This means it is hard to purchase a home in the same market you are selling a home. Besides that sometimes the premium time to sell a house in Arizona is when the interest rates are super low.

Real Estate Supply and Demand

As mentioned before, the real estate supply and demand will impact when is it the right time to sell your house. With lower inventory comes a faster time it takes to sell a house. The right strategy in most markets will help sell a house faster than the average time to sell. With this said, not every real estate agent is the same when it comes to experience, skills, and solutions to sell a home.

When it is a buyers’ market, how long does it take to sell a house? The fact is, you can sell a house fast in a buyers’ market. It might just need some paint, clean up, and a great real agent. Make sure you have a skilled real estate brokerage that offers you many different home selling ways to help you sell your home fast.

How Long Does it Take to Sell Your Home?

As you can see, there are many factors that impact the average days on the market that it will take to sell your home. No matter the market, location, price, and condition are important factors when it comes to average time on the market. Then having local awareness of the housing market will help you. When I say housing market awareness, this means knowing what is the average number of homes for sale and their condition. Then make sure to compare those to yours. Then know the pulse of the local real estate industry. Are you hearing that houses are sitting, or are you hearing houses cannot even stay on the market? There are rare times that certain markets just cannot sell, and I have not been through one of those. I have been mainly in a quick-selling environment, even when there are lots of homes for sale.

If you can pick your month to sell, I would really look at March, then I would look at how tough is it for you to purchase another property, and finally, I would look at the mortgage rates to see if it is the best window for me to buy my next house.

In closing, never wait for the very last second to sell your property because something is forcing you to. Always do your best to plan ahead. If you are aging and you know the stairs are starting to bother you and mortgage rates are great, then now might be the best time for you to sell your property in Arizona. I have seen a lot of people try and time the market to get the most for their property and to buy a house in the same general area for less, but the truth usually is that the one they seek to buy increased too and then some other variable happened. If you fail to plan ahead to increase the likelihood, your overall move might not be as great as if you looked at all things well ahead of time.

A skilled and successful agent will help you figure out what is the right way and right time to put your property on the market vs just worrying about the sale. Check out their reviews and reputation, because there are some really amazing agents who think about you first and can deliver the experience you deserve.

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