How One Texas Realtor Mentoring Program Can Help You Build Your Business

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It’s the best of times and it’s the worst of times. For established real estate agents the market has never been better. Its been more than a decade since the housing crisis and for long-time agents with established connections in the market, it seems like business finds them.

However, if you’re just starting, it is a different story altogether. For starters, you lack the relationships needed to be a success. These could be with other agents, bankers and mortgage brokers, investors, developers, and even potential buyers. After all, you are new to the market, no one knows you.

Beyond this, there is the risk that the market will turn before you have a chance to plant your roots in the market. It doesn’t matter if you are in a booming market, like Austin, Texas or Boston, Massachusetts, or you trying to break into a market in transition like Syracuse, New York. It takes time to build connections and there is no guarantee you will be able to do it before the next downturn.

While many have already left the market, you might know a few former agents who got swallowed and spit out during the last recession. How can you make sure this doesn’t happen to you? On answer is to find a mentor and a program in Texas is providing mentorship to would-be agents and investors as we way to not only break into the market but to be successful.

Offered by Wayne Morgan, the CEO of The Real Estate Business School in Austin, Texas, the program combines live seminars with mentoring in the real world. That’s right mentors will go on appointments with you.

In addition, the school is licensed, and the program can be used to help you get your Texas license. By the way, there is no upfront fee. This is quite different from other real estate programs as you usually need to pay a fee when you register. Instead, you pay only after you have taken the course, passed the test, and sold your first property.

However, you want to keep in mind that the program is only for those who are planning to get into the real estate market in Texas. This is because the real estate market is governed by various state agencies across the country.

When it comes to Texas, the real estate market in the state is better than many other places across the country. This is because the economy in the state is booming and property values keep rising. Also, the state is massive, and this means there is plenty of opportunities to go around.

As such, if you are in Texas, or planning to move there, and are planning to get into the property market, then you might want to get yourself a real estate mentor who knows the market and is willing to put in the time and energy to make sure you become a success.

Why should you get a mentor? This is an opportunity for you to learn from an experienced professional who knows the market and is motivated to make sure you will become a success. In this way, you can tap into what your mentor has learned over the years. In this way, you don’t have to pay for your mistakes, instead, you benefit from those who have come before you.

This is a solid strategy in almost any market as having a mentor can help to bring you up to speed faster than trying to go it alone. How to source deals – your mentor knows. How to review deals and figure out which ones are the best for you – your mentor knows.

Even market has things that you can’t learn in a book and David Bach, David Bach, the author of the New York Times bestseller The Automatic Millionaire, said: “real advice comes from real experience.”  As such, having a mentor in your corner is a great way to get established in your market.

While your relationship with a mentor may be informal or involve weekly meetings, the mentorship program offered by The Real Estate Business School combines covers roughly 180-hours and covers everything from how to schedule your time, market yourself, generate leads, and everything else you will need to know to be a success.

If you are not in Texas, then you can look for options in your area. This includes finding a real estate investment in your area, or by developing relationships with experienced agents and investors. The key is to find a mentor and learn from their experience.

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