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If you are buying or selling a house, it is a good idea to work with an experienced realtor to simplify the process and benefit from their skills and extensive knowledge of the industry. To succeed, you have to find the best realtor in town and one that you can trust. An excellent way to find one is through referrals, but that is slowly losing ground since it means relying on one or two people’s experience, and every real estate transaction can be different. Plus, it can be challenging to scroll through a list of smiling faces to identify the best realtor. This guide gives you secrets on how to spot a top realtor in Johnson city.

Through referrals from family and friends

The most basic way of finding any professional, including a realtor, is through referrals from friends or family. This is the most popular way because your family or friends give you an honest opinion about a realtor they worked with. However, be sure to ask them if they would work with the realtor again in the future. If yes, then you know it is someone you can trust. The best thing about seeking the opinion of family or close friends is that they are more likely to look out for your interests than anybody else.

Find one with the most listings.

Another way of finding a good realtor is by identifying one with the most listings. That means they are more experienced and possess some ambition and hustle. However, you should be careful with such a realtor and ask yourself one question. If they have a bulk of property listings, do you think they will prioritize your need? Having a one on one conversation with them can help you gauge whether they are readily available to cater to your needs or you need to find another realtor.

Use websites to find a realtor.

Another way to find the right realtor is to search through websites. If you think referrals are biased or limited to one person’s experience, websites can be useful resources to find a realtor. For instance, search for a realtor in your community on google and see what comes up. The first thing you are most likely to see is ads. Note that these are individuals or companies who pay for their ads to appear at the top. That doesn’t mean they are the best realtors in town, so do not be blinded by that. Look for websites that advertise the top or best realtors, such as an MLS for realtors. Every big city has an MLS for realtors, which collaborates with realtors’ local trade associations to identify the top performers.

Identify community leadership

You can also look beyond the performance list and check out realtors who are investing in the community. For instance, if you are looking to invest in Sparta Real Estate Tennessee, look for a realtor who does more than sell homes in the community. Find a realtor who believes in the community and participates in community activities such as developing businesses or contributing to charities.

Identify what best means to you.

Maybe your idea of the best realtor is different from someone else’s. So, come up with a list of attributes you desire in a realtor you would like to work with. While some prefer the most experienced one, others will go for the most ethical one or one with the highest listings.

The final words

Work with a realtor with whom you have a natural rapport.

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