How To Spice Up Your Apartment For 2020

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How you decorate your home depicts the kind of person you are and your preferences in life. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to express yourself fully when living in a rented space, given that some come with strict rules that don’t not allow you to make drastic changes. to the rental unit. Some companies however offer living situations that you won’t want to change! Others For instance, these serviced apartments in Boston offered by Blueground, come tastefully decorated, and fully-furnished! You’ll fall in love with the high-quality furnishings and little extra touches, designed to make each unit feel like a home.come fully furnished, meaning Aall you need is to show upmove in and start living!

Even then, you can still spice up your apartment with a bit of creativity if you still feel like you need to own your space more. Here, we show you five simple tips you can implement to add some zeal to your home decor and also maximize your space.

Start by decluttering

A crowded house can be an eyesore and make you look disorderly and unkempt. On the other hand, maintaining a minimalistic look and decor makes your space come out as well-organized, bigger, and chicer. If you’re like most people, the second option sounds more appealing to you, right?

So, how do you go about decluttering?

For starters, take an inventory of every significant item in your house and ask yourself if you genuinely need it. As a general rule of thumb, consider disposing of anything you haven’t touched in months or years as it’s highly unlikely that you’ll miss it. Additionally, stop buying household items and clothing impulsively or for the sake of fashion. Doing these two simple changes will not only help you save on valuable space but also money in the long run.

Grow some plants

Only a few tweaks can liven up your apartment more than growing plants. This is in addition to improving the quality of air and adding that natural touch to your space. A few cute plants you may consider include palms, cute cactuses, and orchids. To make your plants even more striking, use beautifully done plant pots whose colors match your overall decor. Besides, try to keep your plants short and well-maintained by pruning and weeding them regularly.

Splash that paint

There’s a caveat for this tip, though. Some landlords and property management companies do not allow tenants to paint their houses, so you’ll need to get clarifications on this before proceeding with the exercise. If you’re lucky enough to get the nod, here are a few guidelines to observe.

For starters, do not fear to play around with multiple colors and designs until you’re fully satisfied with the result. While you’re at it, however, avoid making it too artsy as this can mess up your decor or make your house look like a chaotic unicorn of sorts. Stick to just a few paint colors and use other house items like plates, pillows, and beddings to add different colors to your apartment.

Use more mirrors

Mirrors can make your tiny studio apartment appear more spacious and brighter. When placed in strategic places in the house, they can add depth and reflect more light, thereby visually expanding your spaces.

Mirrors also make your house feel more welcoming and improve your overall decor. Choose from different shapes including the more popular square and rectangular mirrors. But if you prefer a more sophisticated look or want to add interest and novelty, you can go with less common shapes like circles, triangles, or diamonds.

Worth a mention too is the choice of frame for your mirrors. Some come with decorative frames while others are frameless. If you choose to go with the former, ensure that the colors used interact naturally with those of your walls or the adjacent curtains. The idea is to create some contrast to draw the eyes to the mirror.

Your choice of area rugs matters

Of all key statement pieces you may have in your apartment, area rugs are possibly the most important. This is because they occupy quite a significant space in your house and are also among the first items a visitor sees when they enter your house.

When choosing the most suitable area rug, take into consideration several factors like texture, size, patterns, and color. For starters, you want something warm and soothing to your feet. Besides, the colors and patterns on the rug should complement those of your walls, arts, and throw pillows. Finally, your rag should be sizable enough to fit correctly in the space it serves.

Which other creative ways and tips are you employing to refresh your apartment and add your sense of style? We’d love to hear your feedback.

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