How to Hire the Best Real Estate Agent in Norman?

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Best Real Estate Agent in Norman

Are you currently going through the process of purchasing a new house or selling the one you’ve lived in for years? In both cases, homeowners are faced with a complicated procedure, requiring plenty of time, energy and piles of paperwork to fill out.

Anyhow, the process can be facilitated by hiring a real estate agent, equipped with the necessary experience, expertise and negotiating skills to purchase or sell your property in the blink of an eye.

The following tips will help you hire the best one in your area.

Stay local

When looking for a realtor, make sure you don’t expand your research out of your local area. The estate agent you’ll hire is supposed to be armed with an extensive knowledge on the properties in your area as well as the current price trends on the market.

Moreover, this professional should be able to provide you with the specifics of every neighborhood in the area, something an agent from another city or state, won’t be able to offer. Analyzing the nuances between different neighborhoods, most commonly affects the ultimate decision when purchasing a new home. Click here to take a look at the crucial things to look for in a new neighborhood.

Check its experience and license

After drafting a list of potential candidates from your local area, the following step would be checking their record of experience as well as their license. Apart from having a considerable amount of experience, it’s vital for the ideal candidate to have a great record of sealing deals on a monthly basis. For instance, a successful realtor should have at least two sealed deals every month.

Furthermore, another indispensable characteristic of successful real estate agent is having a proper license, performing its job of purchasing and selling property in accordance with the law. It’s paramount for the procedure to be completely legal, which is only possible if the agent is licensed.

Experience and license

Schedule interviews with the chosen candidates

A face-to-face meeting is indispensable when interviewing the candidates, instead of conducting a brief interview over the phone. It’s an excellent opportunity to ask all the relevant questions and attentively assess their responses.

Make sure you inquire about their method of work, whether they work individually or a part of a team. Some estate agents manage all aspects of the procedure, while others assign different agents for every part of the process. It’s more convenient to collaborate with an individual realtor, as the process of communication would be less complicated. You’ll have to contact a single person, not all members of the team separately.

Additionally, ask the candidates to provide you with a list of properties they’ve purchased of sold in the past in order to check if they match with the house you intend to sell or with the future home you have in mind. Don’t forget to request references from previous clients, as these are the most reliable method of checking the realtor’s credibility and expertise. Reputable companies, such as, would unhesitatingly provide you with the required list of references, as they’d have nothing to hide.

Also, make sure the real estate agent is available in the period when you’ll be requiring its services. When purchasing or selling homes, it is cardinal for the realtors to be highly available and to act momentarily when coming across a profitable deal.

Beware of unreliable agents

The first sign of doing business with an unreliable realtor is the lack of communication, as these professionals are supposed to be available for their clients both during the week and at the weekend. An agent who dodges most of your calls, isn’t worth hiring.

Another red flag is the lack of knowledge of the local area. Once you notice that the candidate isn’t able to provide a proper answer to your questions regarding the neighborhoods in the area, immediately eliminate it from the list.

Don’t be fooled by incredibly low real estate commission, as no reputable agent would charge you less than five percent commission.


Hiring a reputable realtor indicates faster and more efficient completion of the real estate procedure!

Don’t hesitate to hire a real professional!

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