In New York City Just for the Day? Discover How To Store Your Luggage

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NYC; the Big Apple; the City That Never Sleeps. We hear about it all the time, whether from the news, through seeing our favorite shows or movies located there, through hearing about local talent or celebrities who live there, or from the bustling social and arts scene it contains. It makes us want to visit the city at least once in our lives, but more like many, many times. After all, there’s no way to see and experience everything that makes New York incredible in a short amount of time; it’s simply too active and vibrant.

However, we do have positive news: you can see some highlights in a short amount of time—even in an extremely short amount of time, like a single day. Whether you’re just passing through, only able to make the trek to the city for one day, or just getting your NYC experience in bite-sized pieces, here is a guide to what to make sure you see when you’re only in NYC for a single day.

Ranging from ultimate tourist destinations that you truly can’t miss to less mainstream visitation spots, this guide will show you how to have a well rounded day in the city.

Where To start?

Let’s say you’ve just entered the city, whether by plane, train, or car. Since you’ll be staying the night, you’ve got your things with you and you absolutely don’t want to carry your bags around all day while you see the sights. Firstly, check your suitcases into the luggage storage in New York City you’ve booked ahead of time with Bounce. They’ll safely hold your things at the location you choose until you’re ready to go back for them later.

Plans for the Morning

Grab a pastry at a nearby coffee shop or brunch spot and head to Central Park for a peaceful morning stroll as you snack. If you get tired of walking or are wearing pants or shorts, you can also rent a bike and circle the park a little faster. Take in the fact that you’re standing in an iconic location you’ve seen your favorite actors walk through hundreds of times in movies and TV shows!

Then continue walking South on 5th Avenue and pass famous shopping brands like Tiffany’s. Maybe stop inside a few stores or do a little window shopping. Nearby are Grand Central Station and the New York Public Library; you can either keep walking or take a taxi to these spots.

Where To Go for Lunch

We could recommend a whole day in NYC just revolving around different food stops, but you’ll have to choose based on what you’re in the mood for. You’ll have worked up an appetite from all the walking and shopping. There are great food options in and around Grand Central Station including the Grand Central Oyster Bar and Prova Pizzabar.

Plans for the Afternoon

You have to see the Statue of Liberty when in New York for the first time, so head there next. You can get there by connecting from the Line 4 subway at Grand Central Station to the ferry. Afterwards, stay in Lower Manhattan and visit the 9/11 Museum and Memorial. The events of 9/11 are pivotal to New York’s history, so this experience will make your trip so much richer.

With a little bit of time before dinner, head to Brooklyn and marvel at the famous Brooklyn Bridge. If you’re not tired of parks yet, head to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, or else wander through the artworks at the Brooklyn Museum.

Where To Go for Dinner

Head back into the heart of the city, this time to Times Square. With the setting of the sun you’ll start to experience the bright lights and billboards. Find dinner at one of the restaurants there. You can find a wide range of cultural dishes, from Italian to Japanese to Russian.

Plans for the Evening

NYC has a superior arts scene, so naturally your plan for the evening is to catch a Broadway show. Broadway is where new shows turn into beloved classics, and a place purveyors of the arts (and some really talented, successful, and famous people) frequent on a regular basis. Maybe you’ll see someone famous, but it’s guaranteed you’ll see incredibly talented individuals onstage.

After the show, wind down from your amazing day with a cocktail at one of the bars in the Theater District, such as at The Rum House (featuring live dancing) or Toloache (featuring delicious Mexican food).

Now, time for bed; head back to your luggage and nearby hotel for some relaxation.

You’ve Reached the End of the Trip

It was short but oh so sweet; you’re at the end of your 24 hours and now you’re ready to get back onto your transportation and head to your next destination spot. Until the next time, then. New York will be there in all her glory whenever you next have the chance to return.

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