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Civic Tax Relief

Are you looking for a tax relief company? These firms have appealed to many taxpayers, as their expertise, experience, and advocacy are indispensable when dealing with a debt of this kind.

The selection of such companies is extensive, but not all of them are trustworthy and legit, as presented in their advertisements. Taxpayers should be extremely attentive in their choice to prevent further financial troubles.

Civic Tax Relief provides debt relief services to taxpayers deep in the red.

We hope the information below helps you find out more about its services and debt relief in general.


Civic Tax Relief is a company whose goal is to assist individuals in settling their debts related to taxes. They make sure clients are easily navigated through the process and receive assistance with liens, levies, IRS audits, back taxes, etc. Click here to learn more about back taxes in the United States.

Clients are only expected to make a call, explain their problem, and wait for a resolution. The usual resolution period is between ninety days and nine months. The experience and expertise of these professionals are crucial for producing fast and effective results. The procedure is entirely legal, thus eliminating any cause of concern.


Just like the largest part of debt relief companies, Civic Tax Relief offers a variety of services for individuals whose debt burden is too heavy on their shoulders. For instance, these experts assess the current situation of their clients to determine if a settlement is feasible with the IRS. Tax settlements enable taxpayers to get rid of their debts by having their original owed sum reduced. Taxing authorities offer different settlement alternatives worth exploring with the help of professionals.

In order for a settlement to be reached, taxpayers have to meet the list of qualifications imposed by IRS settlement programs. You need to complete the necessary forms and hand them to the authorities for the process to commence. Fortunately, debt relief companies, such as Civic Tax Relief, ensure all the deadlines and stipulations are adhered to while giving their best to improve the outcome.

Moreover, taxpayers stand to gain from these settlements by having their payments, liens, and garnishments minimized. You’ll most likely end up paying lower installments while facing no liens and wage garnishments. Not all taxpayers are eligible for these settlement offers, given the strict criteria of taxing authorities.


Only taxpayers experiencing genuine financial struggles might get their applications approved. The IRS refuses to grant such settlements to taxpayers that can afford to pay the sum they owe. There are numerous tax relief company reviews online, such as the civic tax relief reviews, assisting clients in the choice of a company. Make sure you trust your case in the hands of reliable experts to avoid scams.

Tax resolution is another type of service offered by these firms. The experts in this field help clients make sense of their options, which seem daunting in the eyes of amateurs. They make the resolution process as smooth and quick as possible by committing to every case.

Some of the most common resolutions include audit representation, innocence spouse relief, levy release, installment plans, penalty abatement, payroll debt relief, stop wage garnishment, lien removal, etc. For example, innocence spouse relief relieves you from the responsibility of paying penalties, interest, and taxes in case your former spouse didn’t report income properly or at all.

In addition, levy release is granted by the IRS, provided the levy triggers economic hardship. Conversely, tax liens are a nightmare for many taxpayers, issued after individuals fail to pay off their debts. In such cases, the state has the right to collect the sum owed, such as by seizing your property. The only opportunity for lien removal occurs when taxpayers pay the amount owed.

Wage garnishments are another form of lien, but these are placed on the bank accounts of taxpayers who failed to settle their debts. The bank and the employer have no other alternative but to respect the order of the authorities until the wage levy is released, even when having to withhold personal income tax. Debt relief firms, however, can release your wage levy by finding another solution to settle the debt. See this URL,, for an explanation of individual income tax.


Consultations are another form of assistance offered by these firms. It’s actually the first step of every journey towards debt elimination. Debt relief specialists take the role of partners of their clients, as they interpret their issues while looking for a solution. Their vast knowledge of the rules and regulations is a must when handling the requests of taxing authorities.

Tax preparation is of vital importance for alleviating the anxiety of clients when preparing their taxes. All documents have to be accurate and filed in a timely manner to prevent sanctions. The entire process is nothing short of being daunting for taxpayers, as they struggle while completing the schedules and maximizing deductions. There are tons of rules and regulations that individuals cannot understand despite the invested efforts.

Moreover, some firms offer protection plans to their clients through a variety of programs, such as theft protection, debt collection monitoring, audit navigation, etc. With the help of debt collection monitoring, your account will be monitored round-the-clock, with professionals being on the lookout for IRS collections.

Additionally, ID theft protection ensures your credit, both personal and business is protected at all times. Given the frequency of ID theft, such protection is definitely invaluable. Also, clients are offered an opportunity to have ID theft protection insurance. It’s an effective way of keeping the financial information of customers protected from theft.

Some firms like Civic Tax Relief offer personal assistance by assigning a professional to manage your account. Whenever you have a question, you can reach this person to provide a response.

Final thoughts

Your main goal should be finding an established company that you can trust and consult at any time.

You will no longer feel daunted and overwhelmed!

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