Is Malloy Funding a Good Option for Home Improvement Financing During Covid?

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We all know there’s no place like home. But Covid has pushed us to take that to extremes. We are now working from home. The kids are attending school from home. We are doing our shopping from home. We are even eating out from home. Some people are only getting out of the house to walk the dog, providing yet another reason why a dog is a person’s best friend.

This much time in the home calls for a serious rethink of how our home is set up. When you first moved in, you probably did not account for it being your office and the classroom for your kids. There has never been a better time to consider home improvements and major renovations.

Malloy Lending is one of many companies offering flexible loans for emergency projects around the house. That two-bedroom home can no longer accommodate your three-bedroom needs. Whether it be Malloy Lending or similar option, carefully consider all the terms and conditions. And run it by friends or family or others in your trusted inner-circle. Home remodeling is a big step. Don’t go it alone if you don’t have to. These are some of the more popular renovations to consider:

Start with Office Space

More people than ever are enjoying the benefits of working from home. One of the challenges is finding the space to do it properly in an already crowded home where all the good spaces are dedicated to other purposes. If you are very lucky, you can reclaim some space by just rearranging the furniture. Otherwise, you will have to resort to something more drastic.

Even if you don’t work from home, adding an office to your home will add value when it is time to sell. This is especially true right now when more people are choosing to work from home do to Covid. It helps if the office is a separate room that can be closed off when in use. However, there are alternatives such as expanding the bedroom to include a flexible sitting area, or a kitchen that can be extended. Maybe you don’t need that breakfast nook and convert that into a dedicated work space. Anything you can do to make an office a viable option will serve you well in the short and long term.

Open It Up

Let private spaces like bedrooms and baths be closed, and public spaces like kitchens and family rooms be open. There was a time when it was popular to have four walls around every space. That time is long past. Now, it is much more common to see people choosing to have walls removed so that public spaces can be more open and inviting.

Just remember that a disadvantage to an open-plan home is fewer escape spaces. That means you will have to be more strategic about which walls you eliminate. It is good to open the family room to the kitchen so that the one with kitchen duties is not isolated from the rest of the activity. But you might want to keep the half-wall separating the kitchen from the breakfast nook.

If your open-plan home is a bit too open you don’t have to erect permanent walls. Consider some of the more elegant room dividers available for less money than you might imagine. That way, you can have personal space when you need it and open space all other times. It also keeps your home open when you are ready to sell.

Outdoor Living Spaces

There are two ways to make the outdoors a part of your living space: The first is to literally bring the outdoors inside with indoor plants. We don’t need interior designers to tell us that plants are an easy to literally add life to a room The second way to get that outdoor feeling is by adding a sunroom or skylight.

Everything is different with Covid. We have Covid haircuts, Covid dinning, and Covid renovations. These Covid renovations are an expense that does not easily fit into the budget. The right loan solution can help you make an office space, open up, and bring the great outdoors to you.

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