Wednesday, October 27, 2021


Wyden Announces New Bill to End Homelessness and Ensure Affordable Housing for All

Bill would house all children and families experiencing homelessness through Housing Choice Vouchers, expand essential services to ensure permanent housing stability, create new down payment tax credit for first-time homebuyers, and expand the production of affordable housing for low-income and middle-income families
Mortgage Rates

Fixed-rate or adjustable-rate mortgage, which one is better?

When you take out a loan for your mortgage, you will come across two types of mortgage loan types - fixed and adjustable. Each of the two has its advantages and knowing which one to go for, based on your financial situation
10 Types of Loans

10 Types of Loans: Make a Right Financial Choice

It goes without saying that it is always good to save some money knowing that you are safe in case some urgent need comes by or an unexpected situation. Although it does not always work like you want to or planned to
Money Saving Tips for Students

Money Saving Tips for Students

If you're like most college students, this is probably the first time you've had to budget and manage finances on your own. Although the idea of saving money in college might seem impractical between the costs of housing

Finance the Upgrades and Repairs to Your Home with these Government Guaranteed Loans

Buying a home and raising a family is part of what many consider the American dream. However, buying a home has become increasingly complicated as supply dwindles or stagnates and demand increases. As more Americans reach adulthood

How to Shop Around for the Best Mortgage Rate

Purchasing a home is a significant financial decision and will likely put you in a considerable amount of loan debt. Applying for a mortgage...
Blueacorn Website

Real Estate Agents Eligible for PPP Loans Until March 31st

MooveGuru, the real estate industry's most extensive moving concierge service today announced that they have partnered with Blueacorn to give independent contractors the ability to apply for the federal Paycheck Protection Program loan program

International Housing Association Continues Focus on Access to Housing Finance

The International Housing Association (IHA) is continuing to focus on ways potential home owners across the world can access housing finance to achieve homeownership. Through “Housing Affordability: A World Challenge,”

What do I need for an FHA LOAN?

The Federal Housing Administration is one of the most comprehensive mortgage insurance in the world, offering its services in the United States. The FHA insures these loans as long as they are provided by their approved lenders on multi and single-family units.
HUD InspectorGeneral

Real Estate Developer Among Four Individuals Charged in Mortgage Fraud Scheme

A federal grand jury has indicted a real estate developer and three others for allegedly participating in a mortgage fraud scheme that defrauded financial institutions out of at least $3 million.

How To Increase Your Loan Eligibility Chances of Getting a Personal Loan/Home Loan and...

Loans act as a portal to bring us a step close to attain our financial objectives such as owning a property, vehicle, or education. It does have the potential to bail us out of unanticipated financial emergencies like the outbreak of covid-19 induced lockdown that hampered the cash flow, uncertainty in monthly income in the coming generations
Your First Mortgage

EPM’s Expert Tips for How to Boost Your Approval Chances for Your First Mortgage

Do you want to take the leap and buy your first home? Before you reach this milestone, you will need to get your mortgage application approved. Many first-time buyers find this intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be.
Home Loan Re-Payment

How to Save Money on Home Loan Re-Payment

It is everyone’s dream to own a house. But financing the house payment can be difficult as there is no readily available payment until or unless there is a home loan on one’s hand. There are different types of home loans available.
Benefits of Home Ownership

The Far-Reaching and Little-Known Benefits of Home Ownership

Today, more than ever before, your home is a crucial part of your life. Your house is much more than the place you live in. In the COVID-19 era, today, your house has been transformed into your office, school for your children, and a safe haven that offers

USDA Home Loan

Most people desire to have a home of their own, but only a few can truly afford it, but with a USDA Rural housing loan, your dreams of becoming a home owner can be achieved. This program is backed by the United States Department of Agriculture and is widely popular.
Financial Real Estate

Financial Real Estate – How to Add Value Before You Sell Your Home

Ever hear that saying “when life gives you lemons…?”. Over the past few months, many of the world’s population has had to make some drastic changes to their lifestyle due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

NAR Partners with Morgan Stanley to Deliver Financial Wellness and Planning Resources to Realtors

The National Association of Realtors®, together with global financial services firm Morgan Stanley, announced today that it is offering investment guidance and other financial wellness

Clearinghouse CDFI Receives Over $1 Million in Awards to Increase Lending in New Mexico’s...

Clearinghouse Community Development Financial Institution (Clearinghouse CDFI) announced today that it received Financial Assistance Awards totaling over $1 million from the U.S. Department of the Treasury's Community Development Financial Institutions Fund (CDFI Fund).
Refinancing and Remortgagin

Exploring the 2020 Craze of Refinancing and Remortgaging

Across the United States, not only are financial institutions noting the fluctuating state of mortgages, but homeowners are also looking to take advantage of the situation.

Is Malloy Funding a Good Option for Home Improvement Financing During Covid?

We all know there's no place like home. But Covid has pushed us to take that to extremes. We are now working from home. The kids are attending school from home. We are doing our shopping from home. We are even eating out from home. Some people are only getting out of the house to walk the dog, providing yet another reason why a dog is a person's best friend.

Business Real Estate Press Releases

MooveGuru Names Kathleen Kuhn as Company President

MooveGuru, the leading provider of moving services delivered through real estate firms to consumers, is pleased to announce that Kathleen Kuhn will become the company's President, and the first female President in the company's history.

Recent Gov & Nonprofit Real Estate Press Releases

The Responsibilities Of A Real Estate Broker

As a real estate broker, you will be expected to work with your clients every day. Some legal responsibilities come with this job too. This post will explain the duties of a real estate broker.