Manufactured Homes Deliver Flexible 2 Bedroom Floor Plans

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Fortunately for people determined to stop throwing away their money on high rents, the manufactured home industry delivers high-quality 2 bedroom floor plans at an affordable cost. Mobile home buyers enjoy luxury options not always found in site-built structures because of the unique customization options. If you are considering buying a 2 bedroom home, it may be in your best interest to weigh the benefits of a manufactured home before taking out a huge mortgage.  

Benefits of Manufactured Home 2 Bedroom Floor Plans

When deciding between purchasing a site-built or mobile home model, it’s essential to account for the significant cost differences. New site-built, home construction runs approximately $149 per square foot. If you select high-end materials or amenities, that price tag only goes up. But for comparison’s sake, a 1,300-square-foot 2 bedroom site-built structure would likely run a reported minimum of $193,000. While that cost seems high, the bigger question is whose needs does this price-versus-space scenario meet?

Common 2 bedroom floor plans generally include a master bath, guest bath, living room, home office, laundry room, and perhaps an eat-in kitchen to maximize the floor plan’s spaciousness. That’s a substantial amount of home for a few demographics.

First-time home-buying married couples may find this layout appealing as it also provides at least one more bedroom if you plan to have children. Single people usually find this type of floor plan quite spacious, convenient for guest stayovers, and entertaining. Our valued elders also may make excellent use of the 2 bedroom floor plan because it’s perfect for visiting children, grandchildren, and not overly burdensome to maintain. If you are in your golden years, better to enjoy them than to spend time cleaning a larger home.

If there’s one thing all of these potential homebuyers have in common, it’s prioritizing finances. Young couples are often working diligently to build a financial future. Cost-effective homeownership tends to be a significant piece in that puzzle. And children, while the joy of our lives, require substantial financial support. Single people often keep a close eye on expenses as one-income homeowners. Retired Americans usually prefer to have improved financial freedom to travel and enjoy those little extras in life.

A 2 bedroom manufactured home with quality amenities, only runs in the $72,900 range. That’s less than half of its site-built counterpart. There’s little doubt you can acquire a 2 bedroom site-built home, but the cost could significantly diminish your financial quality of life.

Select Design Custom Mobile Home Flexibility

The ability for everyday people to enjoy a 2 bedroom home at substantial savings is one of the primary reasons that manufactured home sales have more than doubled in recent years. It’s also a top reason that HUD has roundly endorsed manufactured homes as a key to affordable, quality homeownership. But buyers who compare site-built structures discover the custom mobile home design delivers more of what they specifically want.

Manufactured home-builders provide buyers with a vastly different process. Prospective homeowners usually work directly with a specialist who takes you through all of the floor plan, amenities, and luxury options. In many ways, it’s like selecting your appetizer, entree, and dessert from a high-end restaurant. The difference is you’re paying home-style prices and getting reasonable portions.  

Customized kitchens can include center islands, breakfast counters, next-generation technology, recess lighting, and open floor plans, among many other options. The same holds true when customizing a master bathroom. Want that deep luxurious tub? Check!

The process of manufactured home customization can be fascinating, almost futuristic when compared to time-consuming site-built house shopping. All those agent meet-ups and open houses can grow wearisome when looking at homes that don’t have all the niceties you desire. And, working with an architect to design a new home with everything you want comes at a high cost.

Perhaps the most straightforward way that everyday people can get a basic idea about customization and cost-effectiveness is to browse a manufactured home website. Review the 2 bedroom floor plans, costs, wealth of options available, and contact a manufactured home specialist with any questions. After gathering information and weighing your financial situation and needs, you will be able to make an informed decision.

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