Mike Sloggatt to Lead Live SIP Demonstrations at IBS


ORLANDO – Professional construction educator Mike Sloggatt will demonstrate SIP installation techniques inside the SIPA Village exhibit at the International Builders’ Show, February 13-16. 

Sloggatt has presented carpentry demonstrations at the popular JLC Live tradeshows since 1999, as well as past International Builders’ Shows.  In 2007, Sloggatt lead several SIP educational demonstrations at JLC Live events.  Now, he will construct a miniature SIP structure inside the SIPA Village exhibit.

“We are going to construct small model SIP home and go through all the different technical aspects involved in assembling a SIP structure,” said Sloggatt.

In addition to his role as educator, Sloggatt is the owner of Mike Sloggatt Home Improvement, a Long Island-based company specializing in high-end remodels and SIP installations.  Since participating in the construction of SIPA’s 2005 IBS demonstration house, Sloggatt has eagerly chased down SIP projects and published articles on SIP construction in The Long-Islander and an upcoming feature in the February 2008 Journal of Light Construction.

“I like the fact that you don’t need as skilled a crew to work with SIPs as you would normally need to frame a complex structure,” Sloggatt said.  “Plus the energy savings were just amazing. It just makes a lot of sense to me.”

The live demonstrations in the SIPA Village exhibit are aimed to introduce SIP techniques to builders that are unfamiliar with the product.  Sloggatt will cover the basics of SIP wall and roof installation, including sealing, layout, corner connections, spline connections, and wall-to-roof connections.

“The presentation is geared to generate interest in SIP construction and show that highly skilled labor is not a necessity.  For those who have never worked with SIPs, it will give them a flavor of how to work with SIPs and the advantages of working with the product,” said Sloggatt.

The live presentations in the SIPA Village were sponsored by BASF Corporation.  BASF is a SIPA Supplier member and producer of chemicals used in SIP foam cores and adhesives.

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