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Packing and Moving Tips
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People change their houses for various reasons, including job placement, upgrading homes, downsizing homes, and many more. Moving to your new home is exciting and a bit chaotic at the same time. Before shifting to a whole new place, you have many things to think of and get yourself prepared for that. Moving to another house is a tedious task. Still, it can be made easy and enjoyable by proper planning. It is life’s most important occasion, and you want everything to go right before your big moving day. It can be hard for you to sort out and plan everything at once, but it’s essential for shifting to a new home.

This article has discussed some tips and tricks about keeping your stuff damage-free while moving into another place. Let’s take a look:

  1. Easy Moving Tips and ideas: 
  • Create a Checklist

First, make a checklist for all the arrangements you need to make and organize it. That is an excellent way to track things and work them in a logical order. A few important things to add to your list are informing people that you are moving out, packing, and cleaning. A moving list is helpful when you are close to a hectic moving day. After you are happily relocated, you add to your checklist new items that you require, such as cleaning your new home, a quick home check, and changing door locks.

  • Getting Storage Facility

Moving to your new home isn’t as straightforward a process as it seems. Sometimes, while decluttering, you find items, which are not in your daily use, but you do not want to sell them or throw them away. In that case, you can get self-storage to enjoy the benefits of decluttering and save your priceless possessions by putting them into storage. You can find these storage units around your area or from any online source. For instance, if you live in Amarillo, Texas, you can temporarily rent self-storage to keep your belongings like home furniture and other items. You can search online by typing self storage Amarillo TX to get the convenient and affordable space for your goods.

  • Prepare an Essentials Box

Nothing is more tiring and hectic than arriving at your new location and realizing that you have packed something in one of the boxes you need immediately. After all the trouble you went through of lifting those heavy boxes filled with everything you had in your old home and driving it to your new place, you don’t want to rummage through these boxes again. Prepare a separate box for all your essential items like toilet paper and others to avoid such troubles.

  • Sort Out Utilities

Suppose you want to avoid extra expenses and save more money. Inform your service and energy providers about the address change at least two days before you move out. However, the billing cycle can be different from your designated moving date. You can inform the electricity, internet, television, and gas department about your moving date. That is an excellent way to avoid paying for an additional month of your utilities. You can record the meter reading on the last day of your stay in your old home, so you don’t have to pay for utilities used by others.

  1. Packing Tips and Tricks: 
  • Get Quality Moving Boxes

It seems tempting to visit your nearby grocery store, get some moving boxes free, and later use them for your packing. However, if you buy new moving boxes, they aren’t costly, and the durability that comes with them is worth the cost. Reused moving boxes and grocery boxes are not reliable and can have exposure to moisture or bug infestation. You don’t want a box to fall apart while moving into or out of your home.

  • Use Colored Packing Label

You can be organized by printing off different color labels to pack your items or using separate colored tape to provide each room with its color. Add labels to the contents present in each box. After arriving at your new home, mark the entrances of each room by using colored tape. It saves a lot of your time. You can easily match the colors instead of reading the labels and guessing the room where you need to unpack the boxes.

  • Get The Correct Size Boxes

While selecting the boxes for packing your items, ensure that they are of the correct size. Heavy items such as your books need to go in small boxes, and lighter things should go in larger ones. It will help movers organize and pack each box into the moving truck easily. Remember to pack your heavier goods on the bottom of the boxes. The lighter ones will go on the top to prevent any damage to breakables.

  • Protect Fragile Items of Your Kitchen

Some items are more prone to breakage than others. While moving to a new place, stress on items when placed in the truck or adding extra weight on top of that can result in damage. Separately pack all the dishes, Tupperware, bakeware, and silverware. You can add bubble wrap, crumpled newspaper, or corrugated cardboard to these fragile items preventing their breakage. However, you can use any other thing to pack your breakable goods. In addition, you can use paper plates and dish towels to create buffers. Items such as ceramics, china, crystals always require more care, and you should pack them with a lot of padding. Remember to pack them in smaller boxes by using suitable packing materials and label them as fragile.


Moving to your new home is tempting and overwhelming when you think of what you need to do before moving out. If you haven’t planned it through, it can be troublesome for you. People considering moving to a whole new location need to be organized first to ensure that they aren’t missing anything. Follow step by step these moving and packing tips to have a stress-free transition to your new place.

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