Pros and Cons of Metal Roofs for Your Home

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Metal Roofs for Your Home

Constructing the home is not an easy task. A home is not just a place where you live, but it also reflects your status and increases your street presence. So, your home architecture should be eye-catching and beneficial from each and every aspect. Regarding your home’s roof, there are multiple designs and materials available in the market. Nowadays, the trend of metal roofs is rising, and if you want to install them, you can visit londonecometal, which offers you the best metal roof designs to increase your house’s curb appeal.

While building a metal roof, you have to consider many factors such as proper design, specifications, detailing, and suitable material. To manage these all factors in such a way that the metal roof provides all benefits, you have to hire a specific roof designer. That designer must have to be familiar with all its characteristics and guide you according to which metal roof will be best for you.

Why choose metal roofs for your home?

Many residential homeowners are now adapting the trend of metal roofing rather than traditional asphalt shingles. Due to their durability and energy-efficient properties, metal roofing is also becoming common in commercial usage.

Although asphalt shingles have low installation costs as compared to metal roofs, they are more vulnerable to contraction, eroding, and cracking. In those areas where harsh weather conditions are expected, their asphalt shingles are not durable. Metal roofing has an expected life of 50 years or more with minimal cost of maintenance, while in spite of the fact that if you properly maintain the asphalt shingles, its life expectancy is still lower than the metal roofs. 

Common materials used in metal roofing

Various materials are available in the market with different pros and cons, such as Asphalt shingles, concrete tiles, clay tiles, wood shake, vinyl membrane, metal standing steam, etc. But as metal roofing becomes more popular, there are multiple types of metal now available. Some of them are listed below.

  1. Aluminium

It is one of the most abundant elements present on the earth due to its abundant availability, and it is beneficial for roofing purposes. It is a very durable, lightweight, recycled property and its passivating effect makes it favourable for roofing. The main flaw of aluminium is its high price.

  1. Copper 

Copper is one of the most traditional materials which has been used for roofing purposes for centuries. It is very durable, and its life span can last up to centuries, but it depends on its favourable environment.

  1. Steel

Steel is the most common material used in the roofing industry. Various types of steel are available in the market, such as galvanized and stone coated steel, etc. Its most important beneficial point is its affordability and durability. One of the main cons of steel is its susceptibility to corrosion.

  1. Zinc

Zinc is one of the new materials in the roofing industry. But it has been steadily gaining popularity due to its user-friendly, corrosion-free, eco-friendly, and long life span properties. The main disadvantage of Zinc is its high price.

Pros of metal roofs for your home

  • Lifespan 

One of the main benefits of using the metal sheet is its long life span. On average, the metal roof can last up to 60-70 years, while the asphalt shingles have an average lifespan of only 20 to 25 years. 

  • Durability 

Suppose you are living in such an area where you usually face extreme weather conditions. In that case, the metal will be the best choice for your home roof because metal is very durable, can easily withstand up to 130 miles per hour of wind, and metal is resistant to cracks and dents.

  • Maintenance 

Due to their rigid nature, metal roofs require very little maintenance, and their maintenance is pocket-friendly also. 

  • Reduction in carbon footprint

Metal roofs are mostly made up of recycled material. Once the metal spends its life span, it can be recycled again. Due to its recycling property, it reduces its Carbon footprint.

  • Less waste

On average, 20 billion pounds of asphalt shingles are sent to landfills in the US. At the same time, metal is one of the most recyclable materials, which produces very few dumps. 

  • Energy efficient

For those who want to optimize their property’s energy usage, then metal roofs are the best choice. Due to its property of reflecting sunlight instead of trapping makes you spend little on maintaining your house temperature. While in winters it also helps to save a bill amount up to 15%. So, metal roofs are not only durable but also economically beneficial.

Cons of metal roofs for your home

  • Installation cost

Metal roofs are 2 to 3 times more costly than other roof materials. If you want to live in your house for a more extended period of time, then it will be the wise choice for installation due to its longer life span.

  • Colour matching

If a panel or piece of your roof requires to be changed, then it will be challenging to find a piece that matches with other existing panels.

  • Repair 

Large panels of metal roofs are difficult to repair as compared to asphalt.

  • Noisiness

During storms and heavy rain, metal roofs become noisier as compared to other roof materials.

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