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Philadelphia is a highly competitive city in everything, from sports, restaurants and even real estate. Philadelphia’s real estate market has seen some highs and lows in recent years. Finding good real estate properties in the city has also been highly competitive to turn a profit. Much of the town is absorbed by New York developers and out-of-town investors. The city has also seen substantial growth as far as significant complex developments. You will notice the city’s skyline has seen some massive increase with skyscrapers both in the center city area and university city. All this development in the town has been taken advantage of by investors. I am using their ability to access homes that need serious repairs. There are plenty of diverse types of people involved in the real estate market in the city. Plenty of homeowners are looking to sell my house fast in Philadelphia. Whenever you look at a city on a constant uprise in their real estate market, you will notice a slow decline after. It is why plenty of people are taking advantage of the real estate market. There are just as many distinct types of investors and different kinds of homeowners looking to sell my house fast. We decided to talk about the specific types of buyers and sellers in the city in this article.

Sellers in the market

There are areas in Philadelphia that are entirely different in value as far as the price of their home. You may find some parts of the city to have houses valued between fifty thousand and one hundred thousand dollars. Less than a mile away, you can find a home in the five hundred to six hundred-thousand-dollar price range. Gentrification is a massive play on why this is seen across the city. There are different types of homeowners looking to sell their homes. Such as people that have vacant houses are not in the best condition to homeowners who have homes in the best shape possible. The state of your home depends on which route you will be taking when it comes time to sell your home. Suppose the house needs a tremendous amount of work and will not pass inspection through a traditional sale. Then you may be looking for a cash home buyer. If your house is in decent shape, but you are just looking to sell quickly, you will still be looking for we buy houses companies. Plenty of dwellings decides to market using a licensed real estate agent instead. It will usually happen when a homeowner has their house in fair condition and looking for a homeowner to buy instead of an investor.

 Buyers in the market

There are several types of buyers in Philadelphia’s real estate market. You may find plenty of investors in the area as well as young couples looking to move to the city. With all the gentrification moving into the city, it allows for new buyers every day. Investors in the town focus primarily on building new construction homes and complexes in Philadelphia. Some people look to buy for investment purposes like a fix and flip opportunity or purchase real estate that needs many repairs. The rental market in the city is very well right now due to an increase in rental rates across the city. People will buy homes strictly to rent the house out for monthly profit. The population of Philadelphia has been on the rise for years now. You have young couples moving in from different neighboring states of New Jersey, New York, Delaware, and Maryland to come here for jobs. It is driving a high demand for houses for sale in the city.

 Moving to Philadelphia

If you decide to move to Philadelphia, understand there is a significant competition to find homes in the city. Some of the hot areas include Brewerytown, East Passayunk, Point Breeze, Roxborough, Fishtown, and Port Richmond. If you begin to look here for property, just be warned that homes do not sit on the market for long at all. The average days on the market in these listed areas is less than 21 days (about three weeks). Yet they all have the charm that makes them desirable.  Plenty of buyers is looking to sell right now in the city of Philadelphia. Speak with a local expert and find out how to become a homeowner.

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