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Dredging Project will Ensure Continued Access of Watercraft; Promote Recreational Boating

State’s $15 Million Regional Dredging Initiative Continues to Build Resiliency Along the Shorelines of Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River

New York – RealEstateRama – New York State Office of General Services Acting Commissioner Jeanette Moy today announced dredging has begun at the Morristown Harbor, in the town of Morristown, St. Lawrence County, as part of the State’s $15 million REDI Regional Dredging Project. The dredging of up to 20 navigation channels along Lake Ontario’s south shore and the St. Lawrence River is a significant aspect of New York State’s $300 million Resiliency and Economic Development Initiative  (REDI). The dredging removes built-up sediment from the bottom of the waterway to allow for continued safe harbor and passage of watercraft. Dredging of the Morristown Harbor will be undertaken from a barge, using a GPS equipped excavator. Approximately 2000 cubic yards of sediment will be removed from the waterway and loaded into scows. Dredged material will be offloaded to a defined placement area where it can be stabilized and dewatered. Following the dewatering process, materials will be transported for disposal at the Development Authority of the North Country (DANC) Materials Management Facility.

New York State Office of General Services Acting Commissioner Jeanette Moy said, “The start of dredging at the Morristown Harbor and the work recently completed at Long Pond Outlet is evidence of the great strides being made by Governor Hochul’s administration and my team at OGS. These projects are clear signs that we are advancing the REDI Regional Dredging Project. Providing safe and dependable access to New York State’s scenic waterways allows communities along Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River to reap the economic benefits that recreational boating and fishing generate.”

Acting Commissioner Moy also announced that dredging is complete at Long Pond Outlet in the town of Greece, Monroe County. Dredging was completed using hydraulic means, removing approximately 300 cubic yards of sediment. The dredging fleet included an amphibious excavator with a cutter suction pump attachment and a barge. Dredged sediment was transported to a defined placement area approximately 1,200 feet northeast of the outlet via connecting pipeline.

Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner and REDI Co-Chair Basil Seggos said, “REDI’s strategic investments and support for community-selected priority projects are improving both opportunities for recreation and resilience in communities along the shores of Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River. The start of dredging work at Morristown Harbor highlights New York State’s sustained commitment to strengthening infrastructure across the region to protect harbor navigation channels and sustain economic activity without compromising environmental protections.”

New York State Secretary of State Rossana Rosado said, “Dredging projects like this one offer a myriad of benefits to waterfront communities like Greece.  By removing built up sediment, dredging can support waterfront revitalization, tourism, economic development and outdoor recreation, as well as community resilience and public safety.  In our commitment to improve the State’s resilience to extreme weather events and protect the health and welfare of its residents and visitors, DOS is proud to have worked with Greece and so many REDI communities to maximize access to, and use of, their waterfronts.”

New York State Labor Commissioner Roberta Reardon said, “This project will not only provide a boost to this region’s tourism and boating industry, but these enhancements will improve accessibility for all members of the community. I applaud Governor Hochul for her continued support of these REDI projects as they are a gamechanger for our shoreline regions.”

Senator Patty Ritchie said, “The dredging projects made possible through the state’s REDI program have helped to strengthen shoreline communities, as well as improve both safety and access for boaters. I am pleased that work to dredge the Morristown Navigation Channel is beginning and look forward to seeing how the local community and visitors to our area benefit from this important effort.”

Senator Jeremy Cooney said, “Long Pond Outlet is a natural and recreational resource which will see needed improvements from the REDI’s Regional Dredging Project and benefit the Rochester community. This work will create local jobs, increase economic growth in the outdoor recreation industry, and promote environmental preservation and sustainability. I am thankful to the Resiliency and Economic Development Commission for their support of our region, and I look forward to celebrating the large-scale impact of this work.”

Assemblyman Mark Walczyk said, “The Morristown Harbor dredging project will not only improve capacity for the region’s waterways but will also bolster the local economy by improving access for recreational boaters, helping to support the local fishing industry that is so vibrant within our region. It’s a smart investment that will have lasting benefits for residents and businesses in Morristown”

Assemblyman Josh Jensen said, “It is essential for continued state investment in our local community, especially the ongoing need to respond to navigational challenges and access to Lake Ontario. The decision to prioritize dredging of the Long Pond Outlet in the Town of Greece is a commonsense decision that will benefit our local community, waterfront property owners and all those that rely on that waterway.”

Monroe County Executive Adam Bello said, “Dredging to ensure that boaters have access to our important navigation channels not only provides important recreational and tourism opportunities, it also keeps our lakeshore communities safer and better positioned to meet the challenges of global climate change. I thank Gov. Kathy Hochul and the REDI Commission for investing in our shoreline communities and protecting our key wildlife habitats, businesses, infrastructure and residents.”

Town of Morristown Supervisor Frank Putman said, “The dredging of Morristown Harbor is a welcome project for our community. Keeping the waterway open and accessible is critical in promoting recreational boating as well as the fishing industry and supporting our local businesses.”

The REDI Regional Dredging Project’s objective is to provide a comprehensive approach to the ongoing dredging needs for harbor navigation channels used primarily for recreational boating and refuge in the region. This project tackles the maintenance dredging of up to 20 harbor navigation channels through Phases I and II. During Phase III, the State will provide counties with the information they need to update, expand, and implement a Regional Dredging Management Plan for long-term channel operation, and maintenance of these recreational navigation channels in the future.

To date, the State has completed work at 17 REDI dredge sites and removed approximately 67,000 cubic yards of sediment to provide recreational boaters with safe access to Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River. Completed dredging projects include Port Bay, Blind Sodus Bay, East Bay, Bear Creek and Pultneyville in Wayne County, Sandy Pond Inlet and Salmon River/Port Ontario in Oswego County, Irondequoit Bay, Braddock Bay, Long Pond Outlet and Sandy Creek in Monroe County, Little Sodus Bay in Cayuga County, Golden Hill State Park and Olcott Harbor in Niagara County, Oak Orchard in Orleans County, and Henderson “The Cut” and Clayton French Creek Marina in Jefferson County.

All dredging activities are dependent on favorable weather and water conditions.

Details about the Regional Dredging Project in Cayuga, Jefferson, Monroe, Niagara, Orleans, Oswego, St. Lawrence, and Wayne counties, as well as the regional benefit to all of these counties, is available here. 


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