Signs That Show You Need Better Shoe Storage

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If you love shoes, you need to have proper storage. You may already be owning a big closet and entryway, but that doesn’t mean they’re the most suitable storage. If you’re always in a hurry to pick shoes to wear while going out, they’ll pile up at the front of the closet or door in a very random way. Sometimes, they may even get tossed to the end of your wardrobe. Having an additional shoe cabinet for your hallway may help you organize your footwear to find them easily. In this article, you’ll learn some signs that show you need better shoe storage.

  1. Lateness For Work

If you’re always late for work because of searching for the appropriate shoes to wear, it’s a sign that your shoe storage has a problem. Shoes piled at the closet’s bottom can slow you down because sorting the pile to find the right pair is difficult. That can be worse if you’re looking for shoes to wear to a special event or work seminar.

If this situation describes you, consider having a shoe rack for different footwear types to give you easy access. Have a rack for work shoes, sports shoes, and events shoes. That way, you’ll quickly find them without a lot of sorting and searching and end up saving time. Studies indicate that women who have many shoe racks in their houses are seven times earlier to work than those without shoe racks.

  1. You Only Find One Shoe

Being unable to find your favourite pair of shoes when looking for an outfit to wear to work can be stressing. However, finding only one side of the shoe, and not knowing where the other one is can be overwhelming. That often happens when you don’t have proper shoe storage solutions. Getting a shoe rack or closet can help you to keep both shoes together.

Most shoe rack companies create racks that encourage keeping both shoes together. That’s because they’d like to help reduce your anxiety when searching for shoes. However, having a proper storage solution will also reduce the laps you run around the house while searching for one shoe after realizing you’re late for work.

  1. You Have Marked Up And Scuffed Shoes

When you pile sneakers, dress shoes, sandals, and heals on top of each other, they’ll get marked up and scuffed. Don’t be surprised if you find some looking worn out. That can be so discouraging, especially if you spent a lot of money buying those shoes.

To avoid keeping your shoes in this condition, you need to have a storage solution that’ll keep them organized. Open shelves and pull-out shoe racks can help you keep your shoes very organized and protect them. They’ll also maintain their best look.

  1. You Have A Cluttered Entry Way

When friends or family members visit, the first thing they’ll see in your house is your entry way. Most people feel peaceful when they get into a home that has a neat entryway. Therefore, if you have a cluttered entryway with shoes everywhere, you may give your visitors a false impression about yourself. It would be best to keep your shoes on a storage bench to keep your door clutter-free.

The Bottom-Line

Having proper shoe storage may seem something trivial, but it’s important for various reasons. It can help you free your entryway, get to work early, find both shoes when searching for them, and prevent your shoes from being marked up and scuffed.

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