Six Tips To Make Your Small Bedroom Look Bigger

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Do you have a small bedroom? Well, truth be told, you are not alone. Doing your small bedroom is one of the most prevalent decorative issues because naturally, you would want the place to look bigger than it is. In reality, you need to remodel to add more square feet to space, but fortunately for you, this is not needed. Instead, you can employ some simple decoration tips and tricks that can create an illusion of a bigger bedroom than it is. Here, in this article, we will look at some tips and tricks that can help you make your bedroom bigger than it is. So let us get started and address these tips one by one.

Opt for a low-slung bed

‘One of the simplest ways to give the bedroom an illusion of more space is lowering your bed. A simpler trick to do this is by investing in a low-slung frame. If the bed is low, then there will practically be more room above the bed. Consequently, the room will look bigger than it is,’ comments Stefy, an online educator who offers do my chemistry homework services.

Get rid of the extra furniture in the room

When you have a small bedroom, why do you need additional furniture, which is only going to crowd the room further? First, please understand you do not need two bedside tables in your small bedroom. Of course, when you design it on paper, it may look simpler, but it can be not easy in practice. We all need extra furniture (or storage) to keep things, but if you do not have adequate space in your room, adding more furniture will only make it harder for you to walk around the room. On the other hand, removing all the excess furniture will make the room appear bigger. So, having your bed and a small table, along with a dresser, is enough for your room. This is truly one of the best tips to make the room appear larger.

Add mirrors to the room

‘Every bedroom should have at least one full-length mirror. This can help you admire yourself from head to toe. However, if you have a small bedroom, then you can certainly use more mirrors to give an illusion of an even bigger room,’ advises Nia, an online educator who works with a platform where you can buy book report.

  1. Pick mirrored closet doors for your closets.
  2. Add chrome-finished or mirrored furniture, lamps, and décor to your home
  3. Include fancy, small-framed mirrors grouped on the wall.
  4. Try to starburst the mirror onto the bed.

Depending on how small your room is, you can include two or more than two options from the list above.

Paint the walls in light hues

The reason for choosing lighter colors to paint your walls is quite simple. The lighter colors reflect light and make the room appear roomier and brighter. On the other hand, the darker colors tend to absorb the light in the room. This, in turn, can make your room look more constricted and smaller.

‘I have a small bedroom. So, I have painted the walls of my room in a lively blue color. It has certainly made my smaller room look a lot bigger than it actually is,’ comments Alina, an online educator who offers assignment writing help services.

Generally speaking, anyone with a small bedroom must stay away from dark colors.

Hang your curtains higher

When you hang the curtains, the closer you keep them to the ceiling, the better it will be. If you hang your curtains just over the window frame, it tends to make the viewer look straight up. Consequently, regardless of how small or cramped the room is, it appears bigger and more spacious. Also, when shopping for curtains, do ensure that you pick the right size. Some of the longest available curtains are in sizes 108-inches and 120-inches. Alternatively, you can even DIY your long curtains and trim them to your desired size.

Also, be careful with the kind of curtain you pick. A patterned curtain can make a room seem busy. Thus, it is vital to pick a single shade of curtain in a light hue. This can ensure that the room appears airy and bright.

Opt for furniture that has legs

You can give some lift to the furniture. This tends to create an open and airy feel to the bedroom. Of course, this does not mean that every piece of furniture in the room should be legged. However, having at least one piece of the same height, regardless of whether it is a dresser, bed, or nightstand, can help. For small rooms, the mid-century modern decorating style works the best. It is because maximum furniture is elevated on the thin legs. So naturally, when the room has greater walls and floor, it will make it seem larger. Even if the furniture is not tall, you can add height to the furniture to enlarge the space.

So, use these tips and tricks, and you can make your bedroom appear larger than it is.

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