Smart Renovations for Pet Lovers


Whether the market favors buyers or sellers, the latest reports confirm that real estate is going to the dogs, the cats, and everything that falls into the category of pets. If your house is an animal house, there is a good chance you are making purchasing and renovation decisions, in part, based on your pet.

That is as it should be. Pets are a part of the family. They are not just play pals when it is convenient. Like your kids, you have to take care of their physical and emotional well-being even when you are not happy with them. You have to think about what you are going to do with your pets when you go on vacation. So it is proper that you consider their needs when it is time to renovate your home.

Not all home improvements are improvements for pets. Some can be disastrous. Some renovations should be done with your pet in mind. And some should be done specifically for your pet. Here are a few examples of both:

Make It Safe

Just as families with young children, pet owners have reason to consider electrical safety?in the home. Some dogs and cats have never met a wire they didn’t want to chew. That habit can be hard to break as well as rather expensive. If you have wires from devices like computers and home entertainment systems that your pets can’t resist, consider solutions that hide the wires.

If you are having an entertainment system installed, be sure to have the wires hidden behind the wall so that they are out of sight and out of reach. Avoid long runs of wire which can often be found with cable and ethernet installations. Have an electrician install outlets where they are needed so that there is as little wire exposed as possible.

Safety also means covering those unused outlets throughout the house so that curious little paws and claws can’t go exploring where they don’t belong. You already know to call a professional for electrical work. Take the extra step of insisting that the work also be friendly and safe for pets.

Doggy Doors and Fences

Even indoor dogs need to go outside. Some are little escape artists. It is not their fault. It is their nature. You have to help them by making your yard a safe place for them to be. That means erecting a good fence. You may not always be in a position to walk them. They still need to go out and do their business while getting exercise.

A doggy door can be just the thing for those dogs that are difficult to housebreak. Doggy doors can be a self-install project. But it is still important that one do their research. For something a bit more interesting, there are pet doors that open and close automatically. That makes it a lot simpler for your pet to learn and use. Consider this one a professional install.

Durable Floors

If you have pets, carpet is out. It is difficult to maintain. Pet hair can get caught up in the carpet and cause problems for everyone. The best flooring for pets is going to be something that does not trap allergens that will later be released into the air even after you clean it.

You do not have to sacrifice looks for durability. Tile, vinyl, and bamboo are some of the most stylish options you can find. And they hold up well to years of wear. The fact that these surfaces are typically easy to clean is no small consideration.

Depending on the climate where you live, you might even want to consider heated floors. Your pet is on the floor a lot. And they get cold just like you do. A pet bed is not much protection against a cold floor. Remember hot air rises. So even if your room is relatively comfortable, it does not mean your floor will be.

Your home should be a sanctuary for all members of the family, even those with more than two legs. So consider renovations that make it safer for them by hiding the cables and outlets. Make it more convenient by adding pet doors and fences. And make it more comfortable by installing the right flooring.

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