The Benefits of Using a VA Realtor

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If you are currently in the military or even retired from the military, there are many benefits to using a VA realtor when moving around.

The city of Glendale in Arizona is a gorgeous city to live in, and when relocating there are many reasons to use a Luke AFB VA realtor.

A VA realtor will..

  1. Understand Your Unique Needs
  2. Be prepared for an Accelerated Timeline
  3. Be familiar with the Process

Understand Your Unique Needs

A VA realtor understands that you may have unique needs when moving, such as specific criteria for your home like certain square footage, specific price range, a certain number of rooms, or location near a specific school district. A realtor like Julia Calza has experience in finding the right home, especially when it comes to veterans’ specifications such as housing grants or the need for renovations to live independently.

There are many benefits to living on a military base, such as the stability it gives your family and the safety of a gated community with guards on staff 24 hours each day.

Another benefit is the great amenities offered, which include gyms, pools, and playgrounds.

If you are looking for special programs for the kids, there are programs available year-round, including after school programs and even child care. Also available are support services for the whole family such as counseling, religious services, medical, and dental services.

A realtor experienced with military members also understands how to deal with clients with PTSD and can help calm your fears about moving. Plus, they know the right lenders to help with the process.

Ready for an Accelerated Timeline

There are times when you and your family need to relocate quickly and often, sometimes under a very tight timeline. From buying to selling, this can be stressful. But a VA realtor will streamline the process and has the expertise and advice to help you purchase a home that you haven’t seen.

Luckily, with the advancement of technology, your realtor can send photos and videos and be your eyes!

You may have been on a waiting list for a while–these waitlists can usually range from a month to a year. Always check with your realtor to determine if there is a waitlist, and how long you expect to be on it. While waiting, you may have to live off base. Your realtor can help you with this process as well.

Familiar with the Process

A VA realtor understands the VA appraisal process and can be your eyes for spotting any red flags. They will look over everything before the loan closes and look for anything that needs to be repaired before you move in.

One of the most beneficial parts of working with a VA realtor is that they will go through all of the needed documents and complete everything that needs to be done for a smooth process.

Using a Trusting Realtor

Are you looking to move to a military base in Arizona? Julia Calza is the area’s leading VA realtor and can provide the needed guidance and support to relocate. She is known to serve active members, reserve members and DOD affiliates at Luke Air Force Base, offering advice and knowledge on the process of buying a new home in the area. If you need help using your VA loan benefit, Julie Calza will also be able to offer assistance.

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