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WASHINGTON, D.C. – January 14, 2015 – (RealEstateRama) — When professional real estate agents are looking to advertise Scottsdale homes for sale, honesty and accuracy are the two main factors to success. Often, real estate agents will be overzealous when it comes to their ad descriptions, particularly if they feel the house is one of the best Scottsdale homes for sale. If they think it will sell as soon as the buyers view it, their enthusiasm might take over. If the Scottsdale homes for sale are great on the exterior, but need work on the interior, real estate agents might get carried away conveying only the best parts in their ads. Conveying the facts about the house alongside and positive review are necessary components, but the statements should be accurate as well as compliant with the Fair Housing Laws.

Ads for Scottsdale homes for sale should not include lines pertaining to bringing the family home because the description should be about the house itself not which type of people should be living in it. Phrases that use common words such as “completely updated” don’t really convey any distinct image. That could refer to cosmetic updates, it could also refer to plumbing updates, heating and cooling systems, installation, or other system updates. Better terms might be saying that the exterior or interior was “tastefully” updated which then conveys a better picture of cosmetic updates. Make sure the proper terms are used for facilities within or outside of the Scottsdale homes for sale.

If the fixture in the backyard is not certainly a Jacuzzi brand, then refer to it as a spa or a hot tub instead of a Jacuzzi. Whirlpool is another misused brand name, so be sure to avoid it in the ads for Scottsdale homes for sale. It is important to make sure that information given to you by the current owner is verified before it is placed in any ads for Scottsdale homes for sale. Before starting with authority that there are hardwood floors underneath the carpet in the home, make sure that you have pulled up the carpet throughout the house to verify, or else remove this from the ad for the Scottsdale homes for sale.

Ads for Scottsdale homes for sale do not always lie, nor do the miscommunications or misconceptions happen on purpose. However, being sure that editing has been done to discover all of the facts will help to protect the professional real estate agents, home sellers, buyers, and aid the sale of the home. By doing this, professional real estate agents marketing Scottsdale homes for sale can protect themselves from lawsuits which unhappy buyers might initiate based on inaccurate statements. It is best to ensure that reputations and careers are not put on the line and this can be done by analyzing ads for hidden meanings or any false implications prior to releasing them. No matter the condition of the Scottsdale homes for sale, there are always focal points for ads, but it is imperative to be careful that the excitement associated with drawing buyers’ attention to those focal points does not accidentally lead to false ads.

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