Time To Remodel? Top 5 Projects To See Return On Your Investment


West Haven, CT – May 23, 2011 – (RealEstateRama) — So, you have decided now is the time to do that home improvement project. Knowing where to begin can be a daunting task. Tina Chamberland, founder of ConstructionConfidant.Com says the very first So thing that should be done is to consider the purpose and uses of the project. Are you planning these improvements in an effort to sell your home faster? Are they going to be part of a long term plan to remain in the house? These two differences can lead you down two very different paths.

If you are planning a quick sale, there are some low cost items that can greatly increase your ability to sell your home. “Remember when doing these types of renovations to keep your taste in check, you are trying to appeal to a wide market of people. While you may love hot pink in a bedroom, most would not.” Keep it simple, neutral tones & mid range renovations are the way to go. So what are the top 5 renovations to do to get your money back? According to Realtor Magazine’s Cost Vs. Value Report they are;

Project 1. Steel Entry Door Replacement
First Impressions are huge and can’t be overstated. The key here though is to choose a door that fits the style of your home. Flashy is not better, quality is. People can tell cheap doors. It should be insulated and professionally installed. Home sellers tend to get 102.1% of their money back.

Project 2. Garage Door Replacement
Garage doors come in all different sizes and designs. However, the average home buyer wants one that functions properly, goes up and down easily & looks nice. For many, the garage is not just the garage anymore, it’s a work shop, a storage facility, so one that closes tightly and keeps the weather out is essential. Expect about 83.9% return on your investment.

Project 3. Siding Replacement
This is not the project to skimp on. We are talking the home’s exterior, the first thing people see when they pull up. By using a quality fiber-cement board your home will be head and shoulders above your neighbors with old aluminum or vinyl sided houses. This siding is considered “pre-painted” saving you or the home buyers precious money down the road. Get close to 80% return on this investment.

Project 4. Kitchen Remodel
There are a ton of ways to give your kitchen a new look without breaking the bank. You can save your cabinets by painting them and changing the hardware, or you can opt to change the cabinet fronts & pulls. Reuse your plumbing fixtures, and replace your appliances with mid-range units. Most people over renovate their kitchens, never to see the value returned to their homes. Consider a reasonably priced tile floor (Most are around the same price as laminate flooring) for a higher end look. The challenge is not to let yourself put your dream kitchen in. Expect around 73% return on this.

Project 5. Exterior Deck
Seem like a waste of money? Think again. No matter where you live, people enjoy outdoor living space. It’s a place for making memories of grilling, fireworks and fun. The things to consider are these. If you put a deck on that’s too small, it will be looked at as a negative. Put one on that is too big, and you will never recoup your money. Do a little research, see what is in your neighborhood, and what’s appropriate. You can expect around 73% back on this investment too.

OK, so there are the top 5 improvement project for the money. I bet you were surprised to see that you only fully recoup your money on one project. It’s a common misperception that you get your money back on these types of investments. But if you need to sell your home quickly, these tips can help you stand out from the crowd. In today’s economy, homeowners may be able to afford to buy, but not buy and renovate. They want to know they can live care free for at least the foreseeable future.

ConstructionConfidant.Com also says before any work is done in your home to do your due diligence with your contractors. Contractor fraud & poor workmanship continues to plague the country, and is aggravated by a bad economy. “Anybody with a hammer and a pick-up truck can and will call themselves a contractor. Make sure they are licensed and insured. For more home improvement tips visit constructionconfidant.com

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