Top Five Best Neighbourhoods in Chilliwack

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When looking for homes for sale in Chilliwack, selecting the perfect neighbourhood is important. British Columbia is a beautifully vast place to live, and there are many options available to suit any lifestyle. Being able to determine where to live is the first step to finding a long-term home to reside in. There is much to consider when making a life change, and starting from the beginning by locating a great neighbourhood is exactly how to begin.

Starting the hunt for a great home is exciting, but it can also come with many questions and concerns along the way. The following neighbourhoods are known for being safe and wonderful for those looking to buy or rent a home in the Chilliwack area of British Columbia.

  1. Fairfield

This neighbourhood is a great choice because of its affordability. Budgeting is essential when looking to move. Nestled closely to many stores and schools, it is a great place for a family to live. There is plenty of housing available, and most agree that the cost of living is excellent in Fairfield.

  1. Greendale

For those with slightly higher budgets, this neighbourhood has exceptional housing opportunities. It is a wonderful area with many diverse housing options. The crime rates are low, ensuring a safe area to find a permanent place to live. There are also a wide variety of schools in the area for those with children.

  1. Rosedale

In Rosedale, people enjoy the low cost of living. This allows for nearly anyone to find a nice residence in the neighbourhood. If geographic location is not a major concern, Rosedale is a wonderful place to live with a generally relaxed demographic. This is a peaceful neighbourhood that will benefit anyone who does not want to be around a lot of noise or commotion.

  1. Little Mountain

Much as its name suggests, Little Mountain is a beautiful neighbourhood located in nature with parks nearby. It is within the top three best neighbourhoods to live in Chilliwack as deemed by realtors and residents alike. The cost of living is also quite reasonable given its beautiful location.

  1. Sardis

When looking for housing in Sardis, its prime location is what draws its residents in. There are plenty of accessibility to important amenities while being simultaneously affordable. The schools in the area are also great, so every member of the family should be able to settle in nicely. This neighbourhood also makes its place within the top three best neighbourhoods to live in Chilliwack.

There are many qualities that make a neighbourhood great. Safety is a big concern, so knowing that the area is free of predators and crime is essential. It is easy to research any neighbourhood online. These crime statistics will become a part of the decision-making process when looking to move into a new home.

Location is also a factor in another way, as living close to important locations such as work, school, and stores frequented will make life easier. With certain commutes, traffic can create stress and conflict, so knowing that amenities are accessible is important.

Many enjoy knowing demographics as well. The people living in the surrounding area can say a lot about how calm and safe the given neighbourhood should be. If the demographic is varied or older, it is likely that noise and chaos will be avoided.

Finding homes for sale in Chilliwack does not need to be stressful because figuring out which neighbourhoods to search takes away a lot of pressure. Keeping in mind the above key factors will make the decision so much easier, and the perfect home will definitely be located.

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