What You Must Do Before Moving

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Real estate prices are rising in many of the metropolitan areas across the United States, and that’s got some thinking about a better quality of life. Tech is thriving and very portable, so many workers can relocate across state lines without jumping through a lot of hoops. It sounds like a great dream, and it is, but there are some real factors to consider first.

Price Compare

A simple search for “moving companies near me” should reveal a host of options. You may even find a price comparison site, just be wary of any fees that may come with booking through the service.

An important part of price comparison is knowing what you need to move, and what needs special packing. Do you have items that need bubble wrap, like glass face cabinets or televisions? Expect a modest extra charge with some companies, others may include it as part of a packing deal.

Ask the moving company what they offer and figure out where you can save. Think about the cost of boxes, which you’re likely to buy once and never use again. Some companies offer to buy back boxes that you bring to them.

Be Flexible

Giving yourself the time you need to pack your own items saves the cost of having help come in and do it for you. Most moving companies will offer this service, but it adds hours that you don’t need to pay for it you plan accordingly. Sometimes, emergencies happen, but mostly this is unavoidable.

Where flexibility is really important is your move date. Try and ballpark it as best you can so you fall within the scope of when you close escrow or move into the home or apartment. That extra flexibility also allows you to get written estimates, which is a much better indication of what you’ll actually pay.


Moving is always a good time to examine what you have that you can reduce. The less you carry of things like old CDs or clothes, the less you spend actually moving it. The great news is that you can sell most of this old stuff through a service like eBay and use it to fund your move.

The added advantage is that there is less to unpack when you arrive, so you’re set up in your home much faster. Here’s a hard and fast rule for you: have you used it in 6 months? If not, then see where you can sell it.

Tips and Ideas

A lot of moving is about planning and planning takes time, so the more time you have the better you can plan. One way to take advantage is to buy supplies when they are on sale, rather than the week of the move where you’re likely to pay full price. Back to school is a good time to save on things like tape, labels and markers.

Do as much as you can by yourself. Or don’t. Moving is very stressful for some people and maybe the most you can do is plan to have some people come over while you watch and relax. The point of a mover is safe transport, and to ease the move so the cost is generally worth it.

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