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Do you feel your lawn is stagnating and not good looking as you had envisioned even after spending time and money tending to it? It’s high time you sort the services of a professional lawn care service provider around you.

Here are the top lawn care services to consider:

Feeding and Watering

If you are going to keep a lawn, you better keep it healthy. A good looking lawn comes with the needed aesthetic effects and improves your home’s value. Invest in a high-quality feeder for productive caring for your garden.

Applying fertilizer from time to time ensures valuable nutrients to the plants. The leading Virginia Beach lawn care service providers advise on consistently watering the lawn during the warm seasons. You can find more information on Professional lawn services provide longer hose pipes that allow you to water a more significant portion of the yard evenly. With the right watering and feeding practices, your lawn will stay green throughout all the seasons.

Mowing and Edging

Mowing and edging is another care practice that keeps your lawn intact. Consistent mowing helps the plants in spreading roots hence avoid weeds. While the best way to mow is removing a third of the grass length, the frequency depends on the season and the prevailing weather conditions.

Grass grows quicker during warmer seasons like the summer hence the need for more frequent mowing like once per week. Colder seasons, on the other hand, can do with mowing once every two weeks. Avoid mowing when the ground is wet to protect the lawnmower from damage.

Your lawn edges also need regular maintenance and tidying using edging shears and tools. The appropriate time for edging is immediately after mowing.

Improving Drainage

Your lawn drainage has an impact on the health of the plants. An ideal lawn is one with good drainage and does not hold water for long. Waterlogged grounds can affect growth by blocking valuable nutrients and water absorption.

Using top of the range equipment, lawn care services handle any soil drainage improvement needs. The service provider tests the extent of the soil issue then comes up with the ideal aeration technique. In most cases, the lawn care service provider will recommend using the type of plant suited to the soil or the use of organic materials to change the ground. They can also consider changing the topography of your lawn to allow for the natural movement of running water.


Weeds are a challenge to all kinds of lawns as they are introduced to the lawn through several means. The top lawn care services in Virginia Beach have experienced staff, tools, and pesticides for your garden.

The lawn service providers also have the expertise to remove all the moss and thatch that hinders the growth of the lawn plants.

Bottom Line

Lawn care is essential for the value of your home. While you can handle most of the lawn work, consider hiring a professional lawn care service provider for exceptional results. Lawn care service has the right tools and expertise for all your lawn care needs.

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