What Is Foreclosure And Five Common Wrongful Foreclosure Processes To Detect


“Despite the foreclosure crisis and increase in home foreclosures most people may not know what foreclosure really is or how it works.”

Atlanta, GA – November 29, 2011 – (RealEstateRama) — GoFightForeclosure.com/blog today explains what is foreclosure? Citing an overview of what foreclosure really is and how the foreclosure process works. The expansive information is available free of charge on the Go Fight Foreclosure Blog for review.


According to Kyle Ransom former licensed mortgage broker and creator of the Go Fight Foreclosure System (http://gofightforeclosure.com ) when it comes to foreclosures most homeowners are clueless about the process. He cites that typically many of the foreclosure notices contain documentation errors.

Five common wrongful foreclosure processes that Ransom urges homeowners to watch out for:

1. Is the correct Creditor (Lender) listed to foreclose on the property in the Default Notice?

2. Was a Robo Signer used to assign the Security Instrument to the Creditor (Lender) to foreclose on the property?

3. Were all the State Foreclosure Laws followed to foreclose on the property?

4. Did the legal advertisement contain the name of the correct Creditor (Lender) to foreclose on the property?

5. Is the Security Instrument being foreclosed on correctly identified?

These are common wrongful foreclosure processes shared by Kyle Ransom. This information may be reused and published with credit to Kyle Ransom and Go Fight Foreclosure System website and Blog.

About Kyle Ransom
Kyle Ransom is the founder of Go Fight Foreclosure System http://GoFightForeclosure.com . He termed the foreclosure defense “Improper Mortgage Securitization” used by homeowners to challenge their mortgage lender’s enforceable security interest to foreclose.

Ransom is a former licensed mortgage broker with over 15 years experience in banking and finance and real estate investing. He is the CEO of Ultisky, Inc and oversees several online business models.

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