What is the Best Time of Year to Sell a House? A Simple Guide

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Best Time to Sell House

Are you trying to figure out the best time of year to sell a house? If yes, you should click here for the important things to know.

Who knew there was a right month, or even the right day to sell a home? All this time, most homeowners have been thinking about how fast to sell their houses, and yet, there was a right time for it.

Well, we did some research, and we have found the best time of year to sell a house.

The Best Time of Year to Sell a House

Traditionally, spring has always been the best time of year to sell a house. If you’ve heard of the “spring market” before, it’s because of this.

However, a number of factors are at play here, and you must consider the kind of property you’re selling. Still, the most active time of year in terms of selling houses is between mid-February to June, and if you need to sell house fast Tampa, March is the month for you.

The Role of Demand and Supply

You see, the best time to sell a house is when the demand is high. However, you also need a low level of supply, so you get a good price for your property. Thus, the best time is when there are actively many potential buyers, but few competing sellers.

Is There a Good Time for Different Types of Property?

If you’re looking to sell your house in the shortest time possible and for the best price possible, you want to get into the market when active buyers are in search of your types of property. Let’s consider a few examples.

If you own a three- or four-bedroom family home, your target buyers would be couples who already have kids. In this case, the best time of year to sell is outside the school holidays. If you own a bungalow or a retirement home that could be a downsizer for retirees, the best time to sell is during the warm months between June and September.

If you’re trying to sell a one- or two-bedroom house, your target market is young couples or first time home buyers and the best time is right after holidays, such as January and September.

What About the Best Day to Sell a House?

This may look skeptical, but it’s advisable to avoid getting in the market during major sporting events, political events, and bank holidays. Sunday is not the best day either, but you can try with the rest.

What If You Can’t Sell in Spring?

Even though selling in spring does come with benefits, you may not be able to wait. You can opt for summer instead, which is almost as good, followed by fall. Winter may just be the worst time of year to sell a home, so expect a slow market.

Use These Tips to Sell Your House Fast

The best time of years to sell a house is the time most suitable for you. Even though some months are better than others, you can still pull it off with the right marketing strategies. Of course, if you do sell in spring and summer, you stand a better chance of hitting a better price.

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